Our Psychic Road to Healing:
Philosophy and the Physics of our Physical Selves take us on our peek into psychic healing and the beginning understanding of our physical state, spiritual potential and NOT Enlightenment? Emotional pain that manifests into physical pain and anxiety can surely show itself in many people, or not.

Now days Psychic Healing just may be more accepted as a legitimate healing device. Psychic healing is the method of bringing a person back to full potential of heightened energy, health and awareness by using the spiritual tools and powers that are in and around us.

Every healing is in a way also a form of psychic healing. Broadly speaking, as one recovers from ailment, one is essentially recovering spiritually through psychic healing where they are aware of this or not. Even while conventional medicines are at work, psychic healing activities are at play inside the scheme of the spiritual greater powers. However, these natural psychic healing abilities sometimes need encouragement, or reminders. These encouragements of reminders come in many forms. The true wonders of modern science and medicine should never be forsaken as the best true medicines and best true psychic healing methods can and should always be encouraged (together) for total openness to these wondrous healing powers. One commends the other. Whether one method or the other is administered first is inconsequential, we must never discount the level of healing qualities in either or both. For we are of this earth, and this earth is the provider of the multitude of minerals, elements and spiritual connectedness we can all benefit from with open minds.

Psychic healing can work purely on its own, with or for others, or in harmony with conventional medicine. Psychic healing acts within natural boundaries, these boundaries can all be better understood with learning and patience. Psychic healing has no bias as to religion, types of religion, or no religion at all. There is a spiritual power that is the centre of all things, this power governs all that is seen, unseen, material or immaterial. Every soul, spirit, environment, collective belief system is unique, and this uniqueness requires understanding and appreciation for true heights of spiritual healing and enlightenment to occur. Environment of the open minded raises the chances of success exponentially, whereas any negative thoughts or fears only hinder the potential. We are surrounded by what is believed to be force, this force has no boundaries and moves through us. Gravity, electricity, television, radio, even wi-fi flows around and through us. Some are natural phenomenons and some are man made marvels of modernity. This knowledge alone should open up possibilities of belief and knowledge one step further in all of us in the scope of many more fields of force. These other fields of force being of the psychic/spiritual kind. Forces that we are, and may well be forever unaware of the true potential applications, constantly in direct contact with, aware or unaware. This force is limitless, does not play favourites and does not want anything in return. For one reason or another, connectedness from our true selves and from this force can easily be detached, manifesting in ailments of warning. These ailments of warning, when not attended to and or being amongst the many unnatural pollutants that permeate our lives, surely can at times lead to un-ease of the body. Our spiritual force needs attuning to perhaps more importantly now than ever before.

Rest, sleep, meditation, fasting, detoxing are just a handful of different things that one does naturally, or even forces oneself to do to recharge or realign physically and spiritually. It is quite conceivable that a person who is under considerable ailment is unable to recognise the need for spiritual re-connectedness. This void of self acknowledgement can and does lead to less awareness, inevitably as time goes on, to more ailments. This scenario is and can be treated with opportunity by psychic healers to attune themselves to reading other people’s forces. Stepping in and stepping up to the situation at hand, with full knowledge and acceptance of the ailed, to share with them their wisdom and abilities to administer re-direction of the psychic healing force. This sharing and healing action can only take place if the psychic healer is well attuned, and this happens with basic practice and persistence. Sharing with the ailed the force from this field of spiritual power and energy, directing to the willing ‘natural psychic healing’. This healing force or field must be harnessed well for this force to be readily projected onto the recipient. We build the empathy and henceforth we operate with true connectedness, this is established through acceptance of the spiritual self. This phenomenon can be likened to the inducing relaxing state of awareness through fine music, visual art or even the sound of rain, wind or waves. The spiritual empathy flows back and forth. Having physical contact of a specified kind can aid in the directness of the flow as this works with our nervous systems, promoting faster and more direct flow to the recipient. On the other hand it is not unusual for healing to take place when there is distance between the healer and the recipient, as this spiritual field of force knows no physical boundaries. These physical boundaries quite often only act as a hinderance to those who see these boundaries as such. Healer and recipients must always try to work in conjunction with the parameters they already are comfortable believing and thenceforth, actualising miraculous results. The least amount of opposition the spiritual healing field is exposed to, the better, hence the power of hand contact where barriers are broken down and positive belief systems are strengthened. The phenomenon of spiritual power from healer to recipient has been scientifically observed with evidence.

The ailments of the physical is believed by many true spiritualists to be brought upon by the disturbing emotions of anger, detachment and a closed mind. These true spiritualists believe that if one can thoroughly liberate oneself from such poisonous emotions, one can truly be ‘free of all diseases’. The importance of psychic Healing hopefully becomes more accepted after the intriguing wisdom and knowledge freely given here, and the reader has opened themselves up to these openly valid techniques.

Gone are the days when psychic Healing can and was only practiced by those in high up positions such as spiritual organisations, and primarily from the leaders of such spiritualist movements. Psychic healing has a very diverse and mixed interpretation from many Far and wide. This book is aimed at those who wish to heal themselves with a fine equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. The conveying of Healing energy given by a psychic healer in order for the afflicted to recover from such afflictions that can hold one back from his or her full physical, mental and spiritual potential in this life. The many varied ways and types of psychic Healing are countless but just to mention a few of the basic ones to be grasped are as follows: yoga, sound healing, meditative healing, Crystals etc.

Sound Healing:
528 Hz is the frequency of the Devine force of life.  Sounds produced by humans throughout history, either through mating, battling, rejoicing, and through ritual ceremonies have all shared a common thread of importance of this powerful device. Sound has and is still used to connect to the ultimate power. Mystical experiences and out of body experiences. Spiritual sound healing and enlightenment along with all the others have been passed on throughout the ages in one form or another.

The use of singing, chanting, humming, drums, bongos, tuning forks, even the type of music through surgery are used widely today for clarity, physical, psychic healing harmonics to help recovery. Our human condition would suffer dramatically without music and sound. The list benefits are endless. A study conducted with Parkinson’s disease patients evidenced that sound therapy played a more vital role than physical therapy. For the uninitiated, journeying through the multitude of information on this topic of harmonic sound healing and enlightenment can be pretty daunting, but taking this subject a small step at a time just may make our new learning a tad easier. Under every rock there lies another opportunity. Most effectively is the method of learning by doing. Sound properly harnessed with the right frequencies could possibly be our machine of all enlightenment, healing, even transforming and transporting particles. These correct sound frequencies can transform certain cells in our body for the pure state of being. Accelerate the brain’s capabilities of learning to levels never witnessed before. Improve hearing, sight and memory retrieval. We all vibrate on a universal level, this level can and should be synchronised to the highest being of spirituality, taking us to the greatest possible harmony we can and should achieve. With humble thanks to the ancients, modern science still has a long way to go uncovering our full potential.
Sound healing and enlightenment is a whole new discipline in itself with many of us discovering the phenomenon that beckons change. Esoterically and scientifically sound is a sure device to change our consciousness with limits only our imaginations can put up. Sound science can also help us understand who we are, the ‘existentialistic question’.
528Hz is the frequency the earth vibrates at. This is the magic number of energy, our universal healer we all potentially have in common. It is the frequency of cooperation and love. This frequency is the key to pristine DNA makeup, repair and even DNA enhancement.
Theories of frequencies uncovered bring about beliefs that another frequency such as 440Hz was spuriously introduced to portions of the population to control and enhance fear, apathy and generally a lower state of being. The controlling nature of certain governments and regimes to keep their obedient and buying crowds only existing day to day in their lowered state for the controller’s end game.
The lower frequency of this vibration, this is moving away from the natural state and into the unnatural, unhealthy level of being. This wrong level of being promotes negatives such as wrong mental attitudes and illness.
Some factors that are the causes of lower vibrating levels are television, films that promote anxiety and stress, being around negative people, unhealthy food and liquids, city and factory pollution, unhealthy lifestyles etc. Any lower frequencies that interfere with our natural level of healthy vibration should be observed and replaced with the higher levels that bring us back to the level that was intended for us. These higher levels promote rejuvenation, clarity of mind and successful living. This higher frequency is medicine and true living. From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of the atom, the movement of the planets in the solar system, the galaxies of the universe, everything is movement, everything is vibration. We are a manifestation of crystallisation, we are a digital form of a bioholographic assembly that vibrate to give us our Devine reality. Our roles along this path are to recognise and be one with the correct frequencies. Our responsiveness is key. Being in tune is being aware and being aware comes about by quietening the mind. We quite the mind by meditation.



We expel the bad energy through the use of crystals, this is Crystal Healing. These crystals channel the powers of healing and encouraging the affirmative qualities the body needs to repair and rejuvenate, allowing harmful energies to expel. Beyond science as we know it we explore the sphere of the metaphysical. This type of healing is of the divine spiritual kind that works directly in conjunction with the energies that are heightened for our desired outcomes. Whether one is self healing or practicing healing on another, this powerful method works with a combination of the energy of the body, the anatomy of the spiritual, our auras, meditative condition and of course the level of our objectives to heal or be healed. Crystal healing has the potential of bringing about homeostasis, a higher level of unison of mind, body and spirit.
We balance our inner psyche with the practice of these vibrations of the elements, along with a learnt knowledge of the power areas and so on. We all approach life’s tasks in different ways and crystal healing is no different. The uniqueness of our own personal views and touch brings into this healing technique a whole new illumination. A nice steady pouring, filling of this psychic crystal energy into our areas of our lives, just as importantly allowing and guiding as much of the negative energies away from us. We are all energy, this energy is all attached or bridged together. All of us and all of matter in the universe are connected. Our natural journey is to realise this balance and harness the benefits we have in our grasp to perfect our spiritual anatomies. Through the corrects attention and practice of this type of psychic healing we eliminate the waste energy.
With the correct managing, letting go, letting in and harnessing of these powerful forces we enhance our mind, body and spiritual growth to phenomenal new levels. The gentleness of this psychic crystal healing is non-invasive, easily attainable and easily practicable. Many ways and many levels of this psychic application has us believe there is no limits or boundaries to this universal power. Even the tactile feel of these can have their own benefits, psychological emotions, mood and more. The many different colours and vibrations these crystals take us to the many different applications that one must personally learn and thus discover more. The structure of the crystal does not change or break down like unfortunately our bodies can with entropy, whereas the stable force of these vibrations does not waiver. The amplification of these certain crystals introduces specific vibrations to the certain chakras of our bodies. We focus our positive awareness on and around these areas. We connect with mind, body and spirit and we are on the road to the psychic healing of the crystal. By this awareness we learn more of how we read this energy, or lack of. The healthy spiritual choices we make on a daily basis becomes second nature, or shall we say, first nature. This crystal, gem, stone, rock, mineral healing combined with meditation that takes our consciousness to new focus, will free up our understanding of time, space, introspective thought, even giving us a great way to relax and chill. Empowerment is key, empowerment comes from knowledge and experience. The more we share these new attributes, the more we receive and enjoy these new gifts. Healing and self healing is a win win situation. Raise the vibration positively. Heighten our calmness and harmony. Outdoors can also be a greater environment to practice the higher crystal vibrations as the right spots can bring about real nature that naturally gravitates to one another. Indoors and outdoors both have their advantages as indoors can harbour deep privacy that can strengthen imagination. The philosophical existential question and the question of ones own spirituality just may inch that little bit closer the more we look. Placing certain crystals, rocks and stones in various places such as the office, the car, next to your bed, the dinner table and in the bathroom exponentially promotes further vibration of the pure spiritual kind. The higher the frequency the higher the basic sense to ground ourselves after being in meditative crystal healing or self healing. Learn and discover crystals and stones on their own before combining, grouping of these can happen more naturally later with a bit of gained spiritual instinct. With more experimentation comes combining in recommended short spurts at least at first, as different rocks and different circumstances will evolve once again with instinct gained.



Reiki Self Healing
The therapy of reiki, passed through the transference of energy from the hands of the psychic healer who practices such energy Healing. Sometimes these psychic Healing can occur remotely, distance being no barrier, the physical presence of the psychic healer is not always paramount.
The universal energy force involving the contact of hands is the channelling of Reiki. Not affiliated with religion but with psychic/spiritual healing.
Whether a metaphor or in actuality the tactile connection we have with others and with ourselves promotes the quality ‘to heal’. We naturally contact the afflicted area, whether a headache, a sore knee, heartburn, or a dis-eased location. The laying-on-hands is our inherent universal approach to heal ourselves or others. For one reason or another our “chi” or our “Ki” can inevitably get weakened or obstructed, and this can lead toward physical or spiritual affliction. The practitioner of reiki summons the spiritual life force toward healing, by grouping the internal life force with the external to bring about balance that can easily go unnoticed by us all. True harmony and balance is the outcome of the vibrational force that flows from the practitioner to the patient. Even though this ancient art has its roots in faith, it is an evolutionary practice that evidently derives from real practice and real results.

We are our own healers.
Reiki is within our abilities, the innate capabilities are within and born with us. All healing is essentially self healing or directed healing toward others. Our bodies are the true healers. Our spiritual anatomies are the true healers of our inner wellbeing. Through Reiki we energise the vibrations to a level that welcomes optimum health and dissipates the negative. Everyday working theories of displacement alone is evidence in itself, whether be it correct diet, correct air in our tyres, correct air that we breath, it all leads to correctness in the vibrational force we let in to correct and improve our beings.

Give yourself the love our spirits all deserve, nurture this in the most comfortable environment we can find. Personal time wherever we can find it. Throw out the daily hassles any way we can. Introduce calming music if it helps, even the sound of rain. We set up this surrounding to welcome acceptance and love. Even before getting to the healing, this can lead toward incredible conditioning that can level us spiritually with an even wider ability to absorb was is to come. These are the inner conditions we strive for to gather the healing outcomes after we become centred. Focus on our inner light and clarity. Inward is where our attention builds and nurtures our universal-given potential and the healing power.
Reiki is our secret weapon to unleash our spiritual clarity, middle balance and utmost strength to pretty much achieve anything out imagination can muster. Reiki is of the beautiful spirit and is of the spiritual beauty that is dormant in so many, just waiting to be awoken. Use reiki to rejoin. This miraculous practice is of the regrouping that naturally networks our structures to form new wondrous formations of positivity and love that only shine like a beacon. Becoming more specific we can learn more of the art of directing to areas of attention while giving ourselves the natural time and space. All great steps start with smaller steps that can manifest into the whole image we physically see, absorb and ultimately touch. All personal resolutions build self-awareness and this self-acknowledgement comes with the practice of reiki, which teaches in itself self-centring. This self-centring that has nothing to do with selfishness, but of personal/others’ healing enlightenment, ultimately leading to enriched and fulfilled relationships that are wholly worthy of beginning in the first place.
Slow down and stave off burn out. Even television or the wrong social company can cause burnout, even while physically relaxed. Empty routine television, vampire company, low vibrational music meant for sheep are detrimental. These attention spans only devoted to the latest technological trends and clothing, even popular cars, food and wine only self-serve, they self serve to the continuing road to disconnection. All great modernity is to be achievable and enjoyed but let’s not allow this to become a crux that keeps us from our true spiritual clarity. Reiki can bring us back home, reconnect the soul and bring back that limitlessness we were born with. Experience the day, experience the time and our space.
Concentrate on sensations, feel them, examine them, investigate even further. Find the inner ease.

Other Planes
Another type of healing is through the gathering of healing guides directly from out of the spiritual plane. These healing guides have the unadulterated healing powers that have no boundaries.

Psychic Rumination or Simply Meditation, the art of throwing out the conflicting and complicated thoughts that only slow the true meditative mind to a halt. A state of true psychic depths in the most productive dimension. Achievable for anyone. Eradicate the negative from existence, free your psychic self from any negative stress levels. This is the meaning of meditation.

Let’s take it a natural step further and deeper, yogi, guiding the light through oneself, or Yoga. Introducing the disciplining of the physical along with meditation to achieve the highest psychic light. This can be achieved through personal positions that align oneself with the highest power. Open up our powerful energy flows that are free and limitless, achievable by all.
Using sounds with our meditative state for the purist power and enlightenment. Humming, the use of drums, bells or chanting. All of this is a form for psychic attention of the true vibration that has no boundaries physically or spiritually. With experience one can build on ones discretion on curtain types of new and higher sounds for transmitting the psychic energy.

Honing in and discerning of the affliction is the psychic healing, shifting energies correctly in the right direction, toward the area of ones physical self that is out of alignment. Self reminders or assisted reminders along this path are crucial in visualizing the corrected outcome one is aiming to achieve. Healing reality or Actuality Reality of the Healing State. Assisting the healing by visualizing our Forward Actualities.

The Spiritual Profits of psychic healing and Psychic healing versus conventional healing. The reality is that psychic healing has been widely accepted in all fields as being a hugely powerful stand alone curing device, working alone for results or working together to bring in a whole array of balances that mind, body and spirit can rise up to together, for a higher up psychic profit of being.

Our benefits of the psychic healing:

Perfected Oxygenation, the flow of Blood and vitality of bodily instruments to our potential of pristine being.
Improvement of sleep and dream patterns.
Taking our bodies to the higher level of expelling the poisons that weigh us down.
Raised Energy Levels.
Happiness, Clarity of Thought, Wisdom of the Light, Equalibrium of Emotional States.

All of this can easily be achieved through self-visualizations, meditations and yoga for the extra self-alignment, breathing and targeted healing through the inner light. However it is vitally important to cast ones attention on learning correct form to gain even better results of the potential. This originates from psychic will and only improves with time and practice. For the psychic healers who are new to their potentials, this just means one step in front of the other.

Dedication is the road to psychic healing and enlightenment.

Letting go is the hidden treasure of wellness. Not quite learnt in one day but learning to not resist is the psychic secret that is freely available to anyone. Western society teaches and shapes us to resist what we do not know. Stop resisting inch by inch and take your first steps today. Conditioning of fear in our lives from day to day routine right through to the Films we invest our emotions in. If this anxiety and fear isn’t dealt with on as a regular basis as the intake of these new fears are incoming, then the spiritually we are out of balance.
Fear of success in spiritualism is a real thing, this fear is on the same side of the coin as the fears and anxieties we readily accept into our lives through our day to day and the forceful media we align our lives to. We disjoin ourselves just little by little and this creates a displacement effect of spiritually on the right path of balancing ourselves with more of the positive.
All truly Beautiful outcomes take a little practice and this practice can grow upon itself. Today is the first day of the rest of our psychic healing and enlightening of our lives. For most of us who battle with finding time, let’s start with one minute per day. All great things begin somewhere. Before going to sleep, after waking from sleep or even the one minute walk back to our car with the night’s shopping. Everything begins with something. Let’s receive what we naturally and spiritually deserve in our lives. Let’s give to others what we can powerfully give physically and spiritually, something that just isn’t accessible from our limiting moulded societies.

Whether you are completely new to this or just simply in need of a nudge to get back to it because of societies incredibly powerful tug o war.

Enjoy the journey and pay it forward to others.
The Spiritual Snowball Begins and Continues.

We are existing for all different reasons. Either to teach or to learn, or both. We all hold a special power within us as our natural birthright. Sometimes the anxiety we feel within us is purely our souls expressing the longing to centre in and find our true place on this earth.

A Solomon