The Psychic Prestige: Sound Energy, Sound Healing & Sound DNA Enhancement

Sounds produced throughout time have all shared a common thread of importance of a powerful device. Frequencies have and still are used to connect to the ultimate power. The Prestige Mystique Experience and OBE Out of Body Experience State / Psychic Experiences and Empowerment along with all the others have been passed on throughout the ages in one form or another. 528 Hz is the Frequency of the Devine Force of Life and Everything Else we’ve always asked about.

The use of singing, chanting, humming, drums, bongos, tuning forks, even the type of music through surgery are used widely today for clarity, physical, psychic healing and harmonics to also boost recovery. Our human condition would suffer dramatically without music and sound. The list of benefits are endless. A study conducted with Parkinson’s disease patients evidenced that sound therapy played a more vital role than physical therapy on many levels.

For the uninitiated, journeying through the multitude of information on this topic of harmonic sound healing and enlightenment can be pretty daunting, but taking this subject a small step at a time just may make our new learning a tad easier. Under every rock there lies another opportunity. Most effectively is the method of learning by doing. Sound properly harnessed with the right frequencies could possibly be our machination of all empowerment and enlightenment right through to healing, even transforming / repairing and transporting particles. These correct sound frequencies can transform certain cells in our body for the pure state of being. Accelerate the brain’s capabilities of learning to levels never experienced before. Improve hearing, sight and even short and long term memory retrieval. We all vibrate on a universal level, this level can and should be synchronised to the highest being of spirituality, taking us to the greatest possible harmony we can and should achieve. With humble thanks to the ancients, modern science still has a long way to go uncovering our full potential.

Sound energy and enlightenment is a whole new discipline in itself with many of us discovering the phenomenon that beckons change. Esoterically and scientifically, sound is a sure device to change our consciousness with limits only our imaginations can put up. Sound Science can also help us understand who we are, the ‘Existentialistic Question’. 528Hz is the frequency the earth vibrates at. This is the magic number of energy, our universal healer we all potentially have in common. It is the frequency of cooperation and love. This frequency is the key to pristine DNA makeup, repair and even DNA enhancement.

We are only beginning to grasp the importance of sounds such as words can surely effect our consciousness, negatively or positively, all hinging on our objectives and forms of application. It has been commonly known that for the longest time Eastern Practitioners have developed and practiced extremely refined sound techniques, such as mantras that can centre our focus and inner attention toward the very molecular cells that can be tuned, adjusted and even enhanced upon to preferably work for our bodies and spirits. These mantras that can be performed effect the tops of our mouths thus effecting a multitude of meridian locations. These meridian locations are awoken whilst we perform mantras, and even in our everyday speak.

The very sounds we make do effect our lives for tiny effects so far more powerful and profoundly that can only drastically stretch our own imaginations and old limits we put upon ourselves. The universal mantra sounds that can be made are inter-connected to our own biological systems and therefore these sounds have direct control of our energy, healing and empowerment’s ‘limitless’ potential. This verbal sound-aid is already in use unconsciously in our lives in so many forms that we only need to stop and observe our once taken for granted existences. The very power that different areas in music play in our lives from romance, tenderness, aggression, sadness and despair is no secret, so why is it so that we are not far more conscious of our personal inputs? Our DNA structure is not fixed but constantly taking on expressions through our environment we place on it. The powerful influencers we share and react to are the vibrations we share and react to and are only waiting to be moulded into our own personal life scenarios.


The Shape of Words are the Shapers of our Thoughts, and are Thenceforth Purely the Outside Package of the True Vibrational Intentions.

Our thoughts are feelings and our words are sounds, hence the metaphysical vibrational real use and the power of the spoken word. The music we hear and appreciate actually belongs to us as individuals. Created by the musicians, composers, singers, songwriters, this vibrational sound, once leaving the creator, belongs in the metaphysical existence of the recipient – US. We were doing this before we were born. In the womb we either negatively or positively reacted and grew to these new vibrations we were born to shape and grow from. Alzheimer’s and Dementia victims are showing promise in response to vibrational therapies that were never fathomed before. These metaphysical points lead us to the natural assumptions of just what could be our true potential, situating these age old systems in the already ultimately healthy human specimen, ‘to live great’. From healing of skin and bone to the mending of broken hearts, our whole states of being are and always will react to the potential positive beautiful power of the frequency. The specific frequency of a cat’s purr in itself has its own mystical healing properties, along with the sound of the rain on a tin roof and the wind on a meditative night.

Theories of frequencies uncovered bring about beliefs that a lower frequency was spuriously introduced to portions of the population to control and enhance fear, apathy and generally a lower state of being. The controlling nature of certain governments and regimes to keep their obedient and subservient population only existing day to day in their ‘lowered state’ for the controller’s End-Game.
The lower frequency of this vibration, moving away from the natural state and into the unnatural, unhealthy level of being. This low and unnatural level of being promotes negatives such as wrong mental attitudes and degeneration of our cells. Some factors that are the causes of lower vibrating levels are television, films that promote anxiety and stress, being around negative people, unhealthy food and liquids, city and factory pollution, unhealthy lifestyles etc. Any lower frequencies that interfere with our natural level of healthy vibration should be observed and replaced with the higher levels that bring us back to the level that was intended. These higher levels promote rejuvenation, clarity of mind and successful living. This higher frequency is medicine and true living. From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of the atom, the movement of the planets in the solar system, the galaxies of the universe, everything is movement, everything is vibration. We are a manifestation of crystallisation, we are a digital form of a bioholographic assembly that vibrates to give us our devine reality. Our roles along this path are to recognise and be one with the correct frequencies.


Our responsiveness is key. Being vibrationally in tune comes awareness and being aware comes quietening of the mind.

We quite the mind – We Achieve Limitless.



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A D Solomon