MystiqueRoad On Sonnets

Shakespeare’s Sonnets, (published in 1609) are simply incredible pieces of literature, each and every one in its own intricacy of depth, insight and timelessness. Challenging and mind bending to say the least. Deeply puzzling to uncover the true many meanings that are to be uncovered even now and for centuries to come.


Many of us are visual readers and learners, for this reason we have included artistic abstract-visuals to accompany the literature in enhancing the imaginative reading experience. This can help us slow down and take in our deeper understanding over time, not only this but to introduce a visual dose of stimulation, purpose and fun.


Human love, being a strong ongoing theme in these sonnets, however to decipher which themes are predominant in each and every one of these is the more satisfying task. The briefness of life, the ephemerality of beauty, the workings of desire, and our own mortality.


126 of these sonnets are expressed to a young man in depth, and 28 of the later sonnets are deeply expressed to a woman.


In English Literature, sonnets 18, 73 and 116 have become the most widely-read poems in all of history.




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