Psychic Roads: Crystal Energy, Healing & Empowerment

We expel the bad energy and encourage the positive energy through the use of crystals, this is Crystal Energy, Healing & Empowerment

These crystals channel the powers of healing and encouraging the affirmative qualities the body needs to repair and rejuvenate, allowing harmful energies to expel. Beyond science as we know it we explore the sphere of the metaphysical. This type of healing is of the divine spiritual kind that works directly in conjunction with the energies that are heightened for our desired outcomes. Whether one is self healing or practicing healing on another, this powerful method works with a combination of the energy of the body, the anatomy of the spiritual, our auras, meditative condition and of course the level of our objectives to heal or be healed.


Crystal healing has the potential of bringing about homeostasis, a higher level of unison of mind, body and spirit. We balance our inner psyche with the practice of these vibrations of the elements, along with a learnt knowledge of the power areas and so on. We all approach life’s tasks in different ways and crystal healing is no different. The uniqueness of our own personal views and touch brings into this healing technique a whole new illumination. A nice steady pouring, filling of this psychic crystal energy into our areas of our lives, just as importantly allowing and guiding as much of the negative energies away from us.

We are all energy, this energy is all attached or bridged together. All of us and all of matter in the universe is connected. Our natural journey is to realise this balance and harness the benefits we have in our grasp to perfect our spiritual anatomies. Through the correct attention and practice of this type of psychic healing we eliminate the waste energy. With the correct managing, letting go, letting in and harnessing of these powerful forces we enhance our mind, body and spiritual growth to phenomenal new levels.


The gentleness of this psychic crystal healing is non-invasive, easily attainable and easily practicable. Many ways and many levels of this psychic application has us believe there is no limits or boundaries to this universal power. Even the tactile feel of these can have their own benefits, psychological emotions, mood and more. The many different colours and vibrations these crystals take us to the many different applications that one must personally learn and thus discover more.

The structure of the crystal does not change or break down like unfortunately our bodies can with non-use and entropy, whereas the stable force of these vibrations does not waiver. The amplification of these certain crystals introduces specific vibrations to the certain chakras of our bodies. We focus our positive awareness on and around these areas. We connect with mind, body and spirit and we are on the road to the psychic healing of the crystal. By this awareness we learn more of how we read this energy, or lack of.


The healthy spiritual choices we make on a daily basis becomes second nature, or shall we say, first nature. This crystal, gem, stone, rock, mineral healing combined with meditation that takes our consciousness to new focus, will free up our understanding of time, space, introspective thought, even giving us a great way to relax and chill. Empowerment is key, empowerment comes from knowledge and experience. The more we share these new attributes, the more we receive and enjoy these new gifts. Healing and self healing is a win/win situation. Raise the vibration positively. Heighten our calmness and harmony.

Outdoors can also be a greater environment to practice the higher crystal vibrations as the right spots can bring about real nature that naturally gravitates to one another. Indoors and outdoors both have their advantages as indoors can harbour deep privacy that can strengthen imagination. The philosophical existential question and the question of ones own spirituality just may inch that little bit closer the more we look. Placing certain crystals, rocks and stones in various places such as the office, the car, next to your bed, the dinner table and in the bathroom exponentially promotes further vibration of the pure spiritual kind.


The higher the frequency the higher the basic sense to ground ourselves after being in meditative crystal healing and crystal empowerment. Learn and discover crystals and stones on their own before combining, grouping of these can happen more naturally later with a bit of gained spiritual instinct.

With more experimentation comes combining in recommended short spurts at least at first, as different rocks and different circumstances will evolve once again with instinct gain for all.



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A D Solomon

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