Frequency / Dimensional Reality play a big part in String Theory and the more we delve down the Rabbit Hole the more our Lives will be Changed Forever on Every Molecular Level.

String Theory may very well change our reality that was once accepted as science and nature. Our earlier scientific perceptions of particles is being proven to have far more to it. This universe’s elemental make-up-constituents are sure enough ‘string’ of a one-dimensional nature. This new glimpse of our reality taken down to its tiny structural fundamental nature, are vibrations that all vibrate to their own signature frequencies.

String theory accommodates gravity and these cooperate together co-dependently. Not only this but ultimately for this theory to work there requires extra dimensions not thought of before. This theory also adds to the overall elementary particles that make up what we universally thought we knew. New particles on the elementary table of elements that have never been coined or fathomed before. The super-symmetry angle, this angle or concept may possibly double the table of elements that have been studied and worked with for many years. Six or seven brand new dimensions that have never been imagined have now entered the inevitable new reality. All this along with adding new levels of thought in areas such as the many different research/applications in maths/physics, particle physics and our exponential further grasp in cosmology and even nano-technology.



This Inevitable New Dimentional Reality is part and parcel with, and is only the Beginning of the Exciting New Science we call String Theory.




A D Solomon