The Closer I Look

Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea by way of a challenge to the viewer.

This objective idea is usually very subjective and becomes a challenge in itself in comprehending which we perceive or may not perceive. This type of photography comes in many forms being invented everyday by the conceptual artist by merely conceptualizing a unique way to communicate their specific visual concept or ‘New Challenge’.

The concept here has a key theme and this is the concept of what can be missed by looking too closely. This Perspective Conceptual Photography in a series of photographs taken for this article that brings the ultimate picture into view the more we step away. Reversing the normal concept  the closer we look the more we visually comprehend.

The use of Crop Circles regardless of their true origins illustrates parallels as to what exists and what does not exit in our realm of reasoning and perception. Not unlike the magician’s prestige in directing the willing viewer’s comprehension to work against their own logic for an entertaining outcome.

A perplexing problem that can only be solved by taking a step away. A psychologist’s outlook on a patient that the patient fails to see being too close to their own mental machinations. Only when we can accept what our eyes and our societal reasoning could possibly be missing can we begin to start over, embrace what can be and remove the mental shackles that are more often than not a comfort to us all.

A forthcoming global disaster that is completely missed by the majority due to succumbing to the status quo acceptable reasoning of society and also photographing a tablet held up in the air to give this conceptual project a yet further dimension and yet still a pre thought out ordered, systematic approach to the series. Taking the concept of the close up pictures of the crops in a progressive direction all the way to the aerial views of crop circles viewed from great heights. The idea in this project being the machine.


The Russian Doll concept – a doll within a doll within a doll and so on.

This title was formulated before setting out in the arrangement of this series of conceptual photographs. This concept first came to mind, then came the step by step perfunctory task of gathering and photographing these images on a tablet to add yet another (secondary) dimension to this photographic concept.

The old idiom “Can’t see the forest for the trees” is taken on a new level or rather a new height that bring meaning as magic only can. Deconstructing the illusionist’s illusion. Each picture maybe or, must be considered as possibly being no more than an illustration to a form of essay, and therefore not an autonomous work of art. Not the Aesthetic kind of art but the conceptually challenging kind.

Only after one knows what one is looking at or looking for can one appreciate the challenge that can never be seen or appreciated by two people in the same way.




A D Solomon