Psychic Roads: Other Plane Spiritual Energy, Healing To Empowerment

The allowing and gathering of Energy Guides directly from out of our own spiritual planes. These healing guides have the Pure Energies that haven’t any boundaries, no want of recognition and no debilitating low frequencies, but only a miracle inducing Presence of Energy.

Psychic Rumination or Simply Meditation: the art of throwing out the conflicting and complicated thoughts that only slow the true meditative mind to a halt. A state of true psychic depths in the most productive dimension. Achievable for anyone. Eradicate the negative from existence, free your psychic self from any negative stress levels. This is the meaning of meditation.

Let’s take it a natural step further and deeper and Introduce the disciplining of the physical along with meditation to achieve the highest psychic light. This can be achieved through personal positions that align oneself with the highest power. Open up our powerful energy flows that are free and limitless, achievable by all.
Using sounds with our meditative state for the purist power and enlightenment is completely optional – Humming, the use of drums, bells or chanting. All of this is a form for psychic attention of the true vibration that has no boundaries physically or spiritually. With experience one can build on ones discretion on curtain types of new and higher sounds for manifesting the highest psychic energy.

Honing in and discerning of the affliction is the psychic healing, shifting energies correctly in the right direction toward the area of ones physical self that could be out of alignment. Self reminders or assisted reminders along this path are crucial in visualizing the corrected outcome one is aiming to achieve. Actuality Reality of this Energy State of Raising this Field by visualizing our Forward Actualities.

The Actuality is that psychic healing has been widely accepted in all fields as being a powerful curing device, working together to bring in a whole array of balances that mind, body and spirit can rise up to together, for a higher psychic level of being. Perfected Oxygenation, Improvement of sleep and dream patterns, the flow of Blood and vitality of bodily instruments to our potential of a pristine being. Taking our bodies to the higher level of expelling the poisons that weigh us down. Raised Energy Levels. Happiness, Clarity of Thought, Wisdom of the Light, Equalibrium of Emotional States.

All of this can easily be achieved through self-visualization, meditation for self-alignment, breathing and targeted healing through the inner light. However it is vitally important to cast ones attention on learning correct form to gain even better results of the potential. This originates from psychic-will and only improves with time and practice. For the psychic healers who are new to their potentials, this just means one tiny step in front of the other.

Dedication is the road to Psychic Energy Harnessing and letting go is the hidden treasure of enlightenment. Not quite learnt in one day but learning to not resist is the psychic secret that is freely available to everyone. Western society teaches and shapes us to resist what we do not know. Let’s quit resisting inch by inch and take our first step today. Conditioning of fear in our lives from day to day routine right through to the Films we invest our emotions in. If this anxiety and fear isn’t dealt with on a regular basis, as the intake of these old societal ways are incoming, then the spiritually we are can become out of balance and starved of enlightenment.

Fear of success in spiritualism is a real thing, this fear is on the same side of the coin as the fears and anxieties we readily accept into our lives through our ‘day to day’ and the forceful media we align our lives to. We disjoin ourselves little by little and this creates a displacement effect of spiritually on the right path of balancing ourselves with more of the positive. All truly beautiful outcomes take a little practice and this practice can grow upon itself many fold. Today is the first day of the rest of our Psychic Roads. For most of us who battle with finding time, let’s start with one minute per day. All great things begin somewhere. Before going to sleep, after waking from sleep or even the one minute walk back to our car with the night’s shopping. Everything begins with something. Let’s receive what we naturally and spiritually deserve in our lives. Let’s give to others what we can powerfully give spiritually, something that just isn’t accessible from our limiting moulded societies.

Whether we are completely new to this or just simply in need of a nudge to get back to it because of society’s material commitments, we connect with our Other Spiritual Planes for the Energy, Healing To Empowerment – The Miracles and Enlightenment we are all born to see.

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