Psychic Roads: Reiki Energy, Healing To Empowerment

The Energy of Reiki, passed through from the ‘Transference’ of Energy from Us.

Sometimes this psychic practice can occur remotely, distance being no barrier, the physical presence of the psychic is not always paramount. The universal energy force involving the contact of hands is the channelling of Reiki. Not affiliated with religion but with the psychic/spiritual healing capabilities we all share.

Whether a metaphor or in actuality the tactile connection we have with others and with ourselves promotes the quality ‘to heal’. We naturally contact the afflicted area, whether a headache, a sore knee, heartburn, or a dis-eased location. The laying-on-hands is our inherent universal approach to heal ourselves or others. For one reason or another our “chi” or our “Ki” can inevitably get weakened or obstructed, and this can lead toward physical or spiritual affliction. The practitioner of reiki summons the spiritual life energy toward healing, by grouping the internal life force with the external to bring about balance that can easily go unnoticed by us all. True harmony and balance is the outcome of the vibrational force that flows from the practitioner to the patient. Even though this ancient art has its roots in faith, it is an evolutionary practice that evidently derives from real practice and real results.

We are our own healers. Reiki is within our abilities, the innate capabilities are within and born in us. All healing is essentially self healing or directed healing toward others. Our bodies are the true healing centres. Our spiritual anatomies are the true healers of our inner wellbeing. Through Reiki we energise the vibrations to a level that welcomes optimum health and dissipates the negative. Everyday working theories of displacement alone is evidence in itself, whether be it correct diet, correct air in our tyres, correct air that we breath, it all leads to correctness in the vibrational force we let in to correct and improve our beings.

Give yourself the love our spirits all deserve: Nurture this in the most comfortable environment we can find. Personal time wherever we can find it. Throw out the daily hassles any way we can. Introduce calming music if it helps, even the sound of rain. We set up this surrounding to welcome acceptance and love. Even before getting to the healing, this can lead toward incredible conditioning that can level us spiritually with an even wider ability to absorb what is to come. These are the inner conditions we strive for to gather the healing outcomes after we become centred. Focus on our inner light and clarity. Inward is where our attention builds and nurtures our universal-given potential and the healing power.

Reiki will unleash our spiritual clarity: Bring in our middle balance and utmost strength and pretty much achieve anything our imagination can muster. Reiki is of the beautiful spirit and is of the spiritual beauty that is dormant in so many, just waiting to be awoken. Use reiki to rejoin. This miraculous practice is of the regrouping that naturally networks our structures to form new wondrous formations of positivity and love that only shine like a beacon through us. Becoming more specific we can learn more of the art of directing to areas of attention while giving ourselves the natural time and space. All great steps start with smaller steps that can manifest into the whole image we physically see, absorb and ultimately touch. All personal resolutions build self-awareness and this self-acknowledgement comes with the practice of reiki, which teaches in itself (spiritual self-centring). This self-centring that has nothing to do with selfishness, but of personal/others’ healing enlightenment, ultimately leading to enriched and fulfilled relationships that are wholly worthy of beginning in the first place.

Slow down and stave off the worldly burnout: Even television or the wrong social company can cause burnout, even while physically relaxed. Empty routine television, vampire company, low vibrational music meant for sheep are detrimental. These attention spans only devoted to the latest technological trends and clothing, even popular cars, food and wine only self-serve, they self-serve down the continuing road to disconnection. All great modernity is to be achievable and enjoyed but let’s not allow this to become a crux that keeps us from our true spiritual clarity. Reiki can bring us back, reconnect the soul and bring back that limitlessness we were born with. Experience the day, experience the time and our space.
Concentrate on sensations, feel them, examine them, investigate even further. Find the inner ease.


A D Solomon