Psychic Bandwidth: Energy, Healing To Empowerment

Philosophy and the Physics of our Physical Selves take us on our glimpse into psychic healing and the beginning understanding of our physical state, spiritual potential and Enlightenment.

Emotional pain that manifests into physical pain and anxiety can surely show itself in many and now days Psychic Healing just may be more accepted as a legitimate source of healing. Psychic healing is the method of coming back to our full potential of Unlimited Energy, Health and Awareness by using the spiritual tools and powers that are in and around us.

All Energy is in a way also a form of ‘Psychic Bandwidth’, whether primarily or secondarily. Broadly speaking, as one recovers from ailment, one is essentially recovering spiritually through psychic energy whether they are aware of this or not. Even while conventional medicines are at work, psychic healing or re-focusing activities are at play inside the scheme of the spiritual greater powers. However, these natural psychic healing abilities sometimes need encouragement, or reminders. These encouragements or reminders come in many forms. The true wonders of modern science and medicine should never be forsaken as the best true medicines and best true psychic healing methods can and should always be encouraged (together) for total openness to these wondrous ‘Healing Frequencies’ as one commends the other. Whether one method or the other is administered first is inconsequential, we must never discount the level of healing qualities in either or both. For we are of this earth, and this earth is the provider of the multitude of minerals, elements and spiritual connectedness we can all benefit from with complete openness.

Psychic healing can work purely on its own, with or for others, or in harmony with conventional medicine. Psychic Energy acts within natural boundaries, these boundaries can all be better understood with learning and patience. Psychic Energy has no bias as to religion, types of religion, or no religion at all. There is a spiritual power that is the centre of all things, this power governs all that is seen, unseen, material or immaterial. Every soul, spirit, environment, collective belief system is unique, and this uniqueness requires understanding and appreciation for true heights of spiritual healing and enlightenment to occur. Environment of the open minded raises the chances of success exponentially, whereas any negative thoughts or fears only hinder the process. We are surrounded by what is believed to be force, this force has no boundaries and moves through us. Gravity, electricity, television, radio, even wi-fi flows around and through us. Some are natural phenomenons and some are man-made marvels of modernity, and nevertheless they all operate and exist.

This knowledge alone should open up possibilities of belief and knowledge one step further in all of us in the scope of many more invisible fields of force. These other fields being of the psychic/spiritual kind. Forces that we are, and may well be forever unaware of the true potential applications, constantly in direct contact with, aware or unaware. This force is limitless, does not play favourites and does not want anything in return. For one reason or another, connectedness from our true selves and from this force can easily be detached, manifesting in ailments of warning. These ailments of warning, when not attended to and or being amongst the many unnatural pollutants that permeate our lives, surely can at times lead to un-ease of the body. Our spiritual force needs attuning-to perhaps more importantly now than ever before.

Rest, sleep, meditation, fasting, detoxing are just a handful of different things that one does naturally, or even forces oneself to do to recharge or realign physically and spiritually. It is quite conceivable that a person who is under considerable ailment is unable to recognise the need for spiritual re-connectedness. This void of self acknowledgement can and does lead to lack of awareness, inevitably as time goes on, to more ailments. This scenario is and can be treated with opportunity by psychic healers to attune themselves to reading other people’s forces. Stepping in and stepping up to the situation at hand, with full knowledge and acceptance of the ailed, to share with them their wisdom and abilities to administer re-direction of the ‘Psychic Bandwidth’.

This sharing and healing action can only take place if the psychic activator is well attuned, and this happens with basic practice and persistence. Sharing with the ailed the force from this field of spiritual power and energy, directing to the willing ‘natural psychic energy’. This energy force must be harnessed well for this to be readily projected onto the recipient, or us. We build the empathy and henceforth we operate with true connectedness, this is established through acceptance of these spiritual frequencies. This phenomenon can be likened to the inducing relaxing state of awareness through fine music, visual art or even the sound of rain, wind or waves. The spiritual empathy flows back and forth. Having physical contact of a specified kind can aid in the directness of the flow as this works with our nervous systems, promoting faster and more direct flow to the recipient. On the other hand it is not unusual for healing to take place when there is distance between the healer and the recipient, as this spiritual field of force knows no physical (space/time) boundaries. These physical boundaries quite often only act as a hinderance to those who see these boundaries as such. Healer and recipients must always try to work in conjunction with the parameters they already are comfortable believing and thenceforth, actualising miraculous results. The least amount of opposition the spiritual healing field is exposed to, the better, hence the power of hand contact where barriers are broken down and positive belief systems are strengthened. The phenomenon of spiritual power from healer to recipient has been scientifically observed with evidence.

The ailments of the physical is believed by many true spiritualists to be brought upon by the disturbing emotions of anger, detachment and a closed mind. These true spiritualists believe that if one can thoroughly liberate oneself from such poisonous emotions, one can truly be ‘free of all diseases’. The importance of ‘The Psychic Energy Bandwidth’ hopefully becomes more accepted after the intriguing wisdom and knowledge freely given, and the reader has opened themselves up to these valid techniques that have been shared and gained upon for many years and many hundreds of wise writings freely shared.

Gone are the days when Psychic Energy can only be practiced by those in high up positions such as spiritual organisations, and primarily from the leaders of such spiritualist movements. Psychic healing has a very diverse and mixed interpretation from many far and wide. These writings are freely aimed at those who wish to ‘Empower’ themselves with a fine equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. The conveying of Empowerment energy given by a psychic healer in order for the afflicted to recover from such afflictions that can hold one back from his or her full physical, mental and spiritual potential. The many varied ways and types of psychic healing are countless but just to mention a few of the basic ones to be grasped are as follows: Sound, Meditation, Light, Crystals, Lucid Dreaming, Other Spiritual Planes, Astral Connectedness etc.

Lucid Being