Reality Thru Simulation

The growing awakening that ‘Reality’ could be a Hi-Tech Reality-fabrication by immaculate computer systems of our own future or ‘Ascendents’ — taken to a point that we as ‘A Simulation’ cannot tell the difference between What is A Reality, What is A Simulation? – And may never will.

Forget Virtual Reality and Other ‘Artificial Hi Tech Sensory Input Technologies’ that are changing our existence as we know, Education, Medicine, Space Exploration, Gaming, War, etc. What Has Really Changed? ‘Our Simulation Exploration’. Realities that are Simulated from out of Loving or Spurious Machinations of Nature, and on the other hand we would be completely unable or unwilling to perceive truly what is real and what is false. Arguments on this theory concerning our own technological evolution to the very questioning nature of philosophy itself rage. The age old contentious assumptions by Descartes linger resonate:

‘I think therefore, I Am’

The ‘Reality Thru Simulation’ Rationale is of a Simulated Reality Existence, (earth and universe) suggesting that our perceived existence as ‘people folk’ is not real but merely an extremely intricate program or set of algorithms of a ‘prehistoric basic reality’ from a ‘Far Off Different Universe’. This elaborate program being truthful enough to appear as actuality (to our perceptions) is impeccably designed to appear real and tangible to the inhabitants of this existence and what lies beyond. This mind bending rationale has fuelled countless novels and screenplays in the classic science fiction genre and even crossover genres from comedy to horror. It is safe to assume that the makings of the immaculate computer systems and programs required for such artificial realities is just a stones throw away from our current intelligent technology. Futurologists from all fields see this as the sure inevitability of our species to have this very capability in our own hands. These technological forecasts, if true as many believe, in the landscape of our not too stretched imaginations, will graphically enlighten us on the complete beginnings, origins and distant far off futures of this universe, far off universes and more.

These technological enlightenments could and will be used for medicine and possibly the Elixir of Eternal Youth. Complete mind and mental (spiritual) awakenings we all have naturally in our grasp, Eco Housing and City Design right through to Physiological Transport and even Transporting in Time. Theoretical Physics becoming a backbone to basic learning and fundamental understanding accessible to all will surely become a very ‘real’ possibility. If acceptance of our current existence exists, and our ‘consciousness’ is so superbly perfected in a simulation of ‘another’s’ design, and our acceptance is commonplace, then our historical ascendants, we do not truly descend from. We descend from the simulated that were simulated by a far more advanced race of the first human-like species, if there is or was such a species to begin with.

Rationally thinking, our perceived human thought and wonder is of the ‘Reality Thru Simulated’ existence and NOT of the ‘Original Intelligent Species’ at all – but we ARE related Right Down to Our Percieved Reality.