This Lucid Energy: Dream Energy, Dream Healing To Dream Empowerment

Our ultimate potential can easily be realized and reflected into our lives through unconscious imagery. This very powerful technique being very close to hypnotherapy, which can and does reach its working state through our ‘lucid dreaming’.

Our deep down repressed memories are openly receptive through these amazing subconscious language of the symbols. All our fears, habits, hang ups, business goals, psychic endeavours, our finest natural attributes, our personal best traits can be grasped vividly and all these and many more can be recognized for our personal ultimate potential. A pure physical, mental and spiritual level of change can be accomplished through deep state ‘lucid dreaming’. We bring our conscious minds and our subconscious together with pure open awareness of both worlds concurrently.

Am I Awake Right Now? A powerful method of entering this lucid dreaming state at will and experiencing these incredible possibilities is the method of stopping and questioning: Am I awake right now? What sensations am I feeling right now that actually give me this proof that I’m awake? Challenge your reality at different stages of a day, different locations, different household chores we may be performing. These reality challenges are a great lucid dreaming capability method that can raise the chances of lucid induction exponentially. Treat this as a numbers game, as we don’t expect results in day one or overnight to occur. Try these over a week to cover all bases, as we lower ourselves into deeper levels of sleep, all at very individual rates and changing patterns night after night. Some nights will be easier than other nights as our levels of awareness vary and our emotions, alertness and imagination differ from night to night. We stop for a brief moment in our perceived waking lives and ask, is this the dreaming world? Is this waking world? Look for proof. Which of our five senses came first in proving this? If I am in a dream right now, what would this meal taste like, what does this morning health-cocktail taste like if I’m dreaming?

These are the Awareness Exercises and can only improve our day to day awareness of ourselves and of others around us. As byproducts we can further develop our people skills in empathy and being more in tune with those around. All these side gains we will experience on our sure road to lucid dreaming. We consciously connect so we can subconsciously connect higher and vice versa, we brighten our subconscious minds and so many byproducts enter our lives. All these day to day reality checks and consciousness sharpeners will become easier and deeper inducing of our awareness will become our only nature.

The Breakthrough: this is the golden moment we have been working and waiting for. Spontaneously this point in time will be with us and it will be truly magical if this hasn’t been experienced before. It is to be sharpened and mastered. When we find ourselves in the lucid state, stop and take it in, ask ourselves where this world came from. Can I create more? Can I talk to somebody? Can I look up at the sky in this dream state? What does it look like? Can I leave the ground and float? These are all obligatory lucid sensory exercises for training and purely also for fun but let’s not stop here. Over time we may want to explore our lucid state and start to push the envelope.

Consistency of Awareness is Key:
We may have a favourite place to summon into dream existence or a favourite person – (even fictional or deceased). Question the weather, question if we have any aches or pains in this dream world as these may very well have an interesting link to our waking world existence also. Do I feel content in this dream state? Is there any bad emotions, if so what emotions? Is there any part of me that feels helpless, even stuttering or mumbling certain words or sentences. Stop and observe our surroundings and our feelings.

Lucid Dream Healing:
This is prominently the mind-body-spirit connection that all of us have in our capabilities right through existence whether before, through or after this physical realm. As our consciousness develops outside the box of conventional thought we realize that in this state we have become very suggestible. This suggestibility is not unlike being under a hypnotized state. In this miraculous state we can heal ourselves. This auto-suggestion can be likened to hypnotherapy, healing ranging from arthritic pain, cartilage pain, back pain through to mental blockages in learning/memory retention/memory recall, even the further we go we discover new spiritual/psychic abilities we never dreamed existed. We will direct the psychic healing energy to our areas of interest. We liken these new healing abilities to elite sportspeople mentally preparing for a world’s top level tennis match or running and winning a marathon or race driving the Indi 500 and blitzing the racetrack.

These are all visualization techniques many people use but in our new miraculous existence we bring these techniques comfortably with us into the lucid dream world where anything becomes possible and tangible. Even the possibilities of remote healing using these spiritual energies that have no physical boundaries. We must keep reminding ourselves through this lucid dreaming state of our usual five senses at all times to stay planted to the now and our new lucid sensations. This keeps strengthening the link we have between both worlds. To summon and bring into existence our energy light, healing light and empowerment light. Amongst this light nothing is impossible. Our new visualized improved capabilities in the real world will pleasantly surprise us and those around us.

As we become more proficient at these new spiritual skills we become more and more aware that this capability is limitless and must be shared whenever and wherever possible.

The more we share the more we grow.

A D Solomon