This Psychic Energy, Healing To Empowerment: The Astral Sphere (Intro)

Astral Energy, Healing To Empowerment, although not usually sensed by our human senses, are our spiritual/astral bodies that are utilised on a daily and nightly basis for many benefits we’re aware of, and many benefits we’re NOT aware of.

This Empowerment our Astral States and Energies are housed, forms itself into our physical bodies and lives. Our Experiences and Circumstances of the right here, right now are attended to through this other dimension AND of our physical existence. This is Our Body of Light that travels to and through the Astral Plane whilst we are at the enabling frequency during this sleep or deep meditation.

We synchronise our own consciousness to meet and enter into our astral being to utilise this Psychic Energy, healing and empowerment. This is achieved purposely by entering into ‘Astral Inducing Stages of Sleep’ or a ‘Practiced Meditation’ that welcomes this state. We stand far more successful outcomes of this practice when we think and focus in the way of ‘Vibrational Levels’. While on our way to these vibrational levels we should keep in mind our intentions, these intentions either ranging from a Healing of some sort, an Awakening, a Vision, or purely for Empowerment in the Astral and Physical World.

We ask for Astral Direction, Revelations, Guidance etc. These ‘Astral Guides’ we reach out to are co-existing in different dimensions in ‘The Astral’ and play different roles depending on what we are reaching out for. These guides (Loosely Termed) vary from Messenging, Energy Lifting, Power Healing and so on… Firstly we should have  a ‘Priority of Desire’ and ask for the right appropriate guides and guidance, this focus of importance will keep us positively surrounded by the correct energy sources that are right for us. While in this deep astral state in either method we learn of the different ways of communication, either out of pure intuition, from out of our lucid dreaming states, or from an astral vision, and so on…

The most important thing to do after this practice is Listen and Open Up to ‘Our Own Intuitive Senses’.