Bamboo Metaphor To Success (Open Leader)

Time and patience is what it takes for something as Unique as the Chinese Bamboo Plant to hit its potential, this same potential can mirror our own path to our Personal Visionary Road to Success.

Along with decent soil, the right amount of sun and water, the Chinese Bamboo is an extremely slow growing plant in its early stages. The first few years are painfully slow and then Wham! The fifth year the real spurts of growth take off! As if like a miracle has taken place. These plants in their fifth year can spurt as much as 80 feet in just half a dozen or so weeks. This is the miraculous Chinese Bamboo Plant in all its glory. What we’ve been patiently waiting for.

Is this all too good to be true? Are these extravagant numbers maybe exaggerated? Is the truth of the matter really that the Chinese Bamboo Plant was for its first few years in a state of dormancy, gathering all its nutrients in a covert fashion. The Plant was quietly building an incredible foundation as a platform to add strength in rough and challenging times ahead.

These very similar traits are the traits of driven visionaries that see an aspiration, dream or goal and in their early stages just like the Chinese Bamboo Plant, they work on strengthening their very own foundations. These robust foundations are the backbones that hold their powerful visions intact through the rough and challenging times to realize their very own Personal Visionary Road to Success.

‘Two Amazing Warriors in Nature and in Our Lives Are Patience and Time’.

Lucid Being