Supernatural Genre and the Hybrid

Afterlife, Spiritual Worlds, Apparitions, Appearances of Ghosts, Miracles, Freakish nNghtmares, Angels, Demons, Dark Other Sphere Leaders, Chilling Events, The Unknown, Prophetic Happenings, Religion and Spiritualism are just some of the usual elements of the extraordinary themes that make up the film genre of the Supernatural.

Science fiction, fantasy, horror, even comedy and romance themes/backgrounds have all been used/combined very successfully to supply the audience with the right amount of chills, raised hairs, under-the-skin-awe, spiritual nourishment and pure straight-out entertainment.

The hybrid element lifts the level of originality and adds exponentially to the amount of endless combinations these genres – (hybrid genres) can take on. Aside from all the hybrid mixtures with this genre, we still break down these other elements to the bare skeletal structure and in the most primal senses we have the Supernatural Genre. This story genre is and must always be the central theme, brings up the questions to answer (or even to leave us to ponder and answer) with the perfect cinematic mood.

Lucid Being