What is this Crystal Harmony?

Attuning ourselves to our higher frequencies through the use of Crystals is basically turning on the energy switch.

This energy switch triggers the expanding of consciousness and raises the vibrational field to our higher being true-self. Depending on our individual experience and level of contact we have developed with crystal healing, expanding opportunities for healing and enlightenment is firmly and freely in our grasp.

The use of Crystal Energy goes way back through many Ancient cultures in time. The Myans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Greeks, Japanese and Australian Aboriginals are just a few to mention. For thousands of years crystals have been used in realigning and healing imbalances we may encounter throughout our lives for one reason or another. The Energy field from these crystals is heightened through the integrating of past methods and knowledge right through to present scientific knowledge of these very real conduits of energy.

Physical form is expressed through this pure vibrational force that has existed for millions of years. Healing and enlightenment can be expressed in a vibrational ‘key’. This key is Frequency, and the Frequency can either be for self-enrichment, or for sending energy to others. Whether for some reason we, or others, are experiencing out-of-balance, we welcome the resonation that has the natural potential to take us back to original balance.

This is Crystal Harmony

Lucid Being