Astrally Speaking – ‘Travel and We Shall Find’

Throughout history Astral Projection has been practiced for one reason or another. This age old practice has been to leave the host body (Physical) and travel, either to different places in the Astral Plane or to seek guidance from higher up guides. Enlightenment, Clarity, Healing and Fine Tuning are the main spiritual paths that need Observing, Exploring and Attaining for many of us (Soul Seekers/Travellers).

‘Travel and we shall Find’. Out of Body Experiences involve the separation of ‘one’ of many bodies we have. Primarily being A Body of Energy, these many bodies we naturally have, thru OBE’s, specifically the Astral Body, leaves the physical momentarily involuntarily or ‘Voluntarily’ as may be. The physical body being our temporary home and our many various other bodies being our ‘truer’ spiritual identities, with endless potential, purpose that is boundless.

Lucid Dreams, sickness, various trauma, near death experiences have all been known to trigger Out Of Body Experiences, whether remembered all not. Levels of importance or relevance usually do not play a grounding role, but the many layers of mystique leaves nothing without endless intrigue for the open minded (Soul Searcher/Traveller). Through Out Of Body Experiences one can usually discern quite clearly the distinct sensation of separation (Physical from Astral), (Astral from Physical). These separations Being our consciousness leaving the physical and vice versa – (Restoration Process).

Several steps come into play for this ‘Voluntarily Travel’: Semi Drifting to Sleep State which usually only takes place with complete relaxation (Mentally & Physically).
The Mental Metronome Exercise, which basically brings our mental state into sensation that is clearly higher than our current physical sensation. (Paying deep attention to energy and vibrational sensations). Embrace this Frequency Vibration as this Vibration is the cradle that escorts our transition. We gently ease our way one body part at a time – some body parts may be more agreeable, for example: for some travellers the foot first maybe more successful that the hand first. We hold focus and we eventually ‘Lift Out’, taking heed of the importance of ‘Gentleness’, ‘Patience’, ‘Focus’, and ‘Success’.

Astral Projection for many years has been shunned widely for many reasons. The closed minded have a tendency for negatively labelling of countless phenomena owing to fear of the unknown or unexplainable – in the expected way.

The many benefits of ‘Projecting’ is to reach out, travel and experience other spiritual dimensions far beyond our usual and accepted reality of dimension. Our Parapsychic Awarenesses brighten with time and experience. Extrasensory Perceptions Expand as we further our practice and we generate our awakened psychic-sight. Through more and more projections in full consciousness we enter into ‘Higher Purpose’.

This higher purpose translates into our current day to day lives and presents to us the ‘True Nature of our Existence’ – if only (Spiritually) Piece by Piece of the Wonderful Puzzle that is Life.

Lucid Being