Happiness is a Warm Vibe

True happiness has always been hard to find for many. Finding the right places to look can be a lifelong struggle, and what makes the search even harder now days is achieving ‘Lasting Happiness’.

The age we live in only makes this even harder. The ever changing temporary quick validations we have dangled to us through the modern scroll of a screen, the thousands of television content at the push of a button, and the thousands of elsewhere promised ‘happiness’ solutions that never end.

Modernity unfortunately makes it tough to become purely spiritual on an ongoing basis especially with the clarity we would like. No matter how much happiness we find or achieve, it’ll never be ‘truly’ enough. What separates us from so many, and so many other entities of this universe is the never ending thirst for more happiness, or the ‘right’ happiness.

Unanimous is the shared conclusion that a vital ingredient to Real Happiness is spirituality, but what about for those who cannot delve in spirituality on an ongoing basis? What about for those that just do not believe in spirituality? The simple answer to the latter is that spirituality doesn’t need to be believed for spirituality to work. Spirituality is a science of many facts, these facts vary for many of us. These facts: Signs, Dreams, Hunches, Synchronicity, Para-Coincidences, Auras, Love for Others that is experienced by the various most – Us. The Energy from Spirituality is unending. This Energy is Vibration, and Vibration is the Base Vibes of Happiness.

For those that cannot include spirituality in their everyday lists of activities: One tiny step at a time, Incorporation is everything, and this is key. Grouping, Associating, Affiliating just a tad of Awareness of spiritual energy while waiting at the traffic lights, waiting on the phone, waiting for your favourite show to stop buffing can go a long way. Awareness of the auras of others, the emotions of others, meditation, analysis of last night’s dream and where the synchronicity precepts our real life relationships. Just the slight practice of awareness will before long evolve into powers and awareness we never dreamed existed.

If we want lasting true happiness, find a way of grouping our activities with awareness of spiritual or (psychic) energy – this energy is Vibration. Seek first the Energy of this Spiritual Vibration and the rest will follow.

Listen to the feedback we receive from the universe, from our own energies, from other people’s and animal energies etc. Align ourselves more and more with the right external company that understand or who you think will grow to understand this path. All this comes the Law of Graduality, for ourselves and for others. Seek out new teachers, new roads that have future potential associating paths. Teach the new inner wisdom, for many in this life, learning/teaching/sharing has to be one of the most Soul rewarding activities we can find. We are all interlinked from birth right through.

Make a difference and the difference will clearly manifest in ourselves in the Warm Vibe of ‘True’ Happiness.

Lucid Being