Alchemical Healing and to be Awake!

Now is the time that the pace of Spiritual Awareness should by all accounts be keeping up with the pace of Technology.

It is time to reawaken the healing and enlightenment energies within and to welcome the miraculous higher awarenesses in this life. Alchemical Healing is a real spiritual road to a true state of enlightenment as much as it is a school of thought and knowledge. We must remember that the privilege of knowledge is spiritually available to all, and ‘remembering as a whole’ goes as far as ‘acquiring’ alchemical collective knowledge throughout all of time.

How we react day to day to our own little dilemmas right through to world events are all conscious choices, and each dilemma comes with it a new chance of potential higher awareness and new spirituality. Alchemy is to pure change as laughter is to mental reassessment when times are of gloom. Our reality is changed with acquired knowledge, awareness and practice of this age old/and new alchemy, and the mystery of our psychological sub-consciousness becomes ever more transparent.

Humankind throughout history have achieved reality of existence through the magic that is hovering between humanity and spirituality, and these along with the realms of intuition, we practice influence over our physical reality. The Earth’s Five Elements are intertwined with Alchemical Healing and Enlightenment, and these Ever-Changing Energies of Life are fused with new and changing intelligent forces for physical change.

The ‘awakening’ healing realities of alchemy are greatly enhanced universally and the resources of nature process, freely, the true healing and enlightenment.

Lucid Being