Can Meditation Lift Also Our I.Q? Psychic Roads

Our Left-Brain Intelligence (Fluid Intelligence) is what is typically tested through a typical I.Q. Test, (Language and Mathematics) our right-brain spacial is less scrutinized (Intelligence that is of the Creative) Right-Brain Intelligence is far harder to quantify and test.

Reasoning that is of the Quantitative kind (Mathematics), reading and Writing, Short term memory and Long term memory, Processing of the Sensory – Speed and Ability are some of the main important I.Q. Test Components.

The many various levels of I.Q. tests – some involving vocabulary words, which do have a reliable influence on how smart an individual actually is – the ability to work with words practically and spacially. When we learn a new recipe, a name of a new model car or even a new exercise routine we are not just acquiring new pieces of information or knowledge, but the real working potential of building and nurturing new ways and methods of steering ourselves through this world and those around us in an applicable way that subsequently lifts our left-brain abilities that therefore hinge on our I.Q. Ability.

For a while now it has been well accepted that meditation increases our I.Q. Levels, as the regular practice of meditation alters our brain-waves to a level that allows neuroplasticity to occur more frequently. This term neuroplasticity, referring to change or changes that occur through our lifetimes in our brains – even right through adulthood. These positive effects that are experienced by the regular meditation are increased and more focused concentration, higher creativity and a healthier self-awareness.

The Slowing Down of the Activity of the Brain is what occurs during deep meditation. The Frequencies that result in this deep-slower brainwave activity allow the brain to re-organize and re-shape in these more conducive frequencies – such as The Alpha, The Theta and The Delta Waves. Most higher benefits occurring through the practice of Focused Meditation – this focus being either Objects, Universe, Breathing, Subjects, Music etc.

The more we practice, the more we become adept at this focusing of the attention, thus becoming Energy, Frequency and Empowerment that has no limitations. Our state becomes more present, as before we were only living a semi-present existence from day to day. Our clear synchronicity that freshly opens up between our left and right hemispheres becomes more and more activated, opening up far more Intelligence Potential that was ever realized. Aside from higher I.Q. Scores, Advanced Meditators enjoy Frontal Lobe Increased Activity, a thicker and more efficient brain cortex, An overall increase of brain power and speed.

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