Smudge Science To Clear The Spiritual And Emotional Negative Energies.

Although, for many sceptics who baulk at the Belief of Smudging and place it in the category of ‘magic show’ and ‘voodoo play’, this powerful device has been successfully used since prehistoric times to successfully clear spiritual and emotional negative energies.

Still widely in use even today for cleansing of energies in the air in tiny huts of Manila to the methodical cleansing of the human spirits in multi-million dollar penthouse apartments overlooking the New York Skyline.

The real psychic science behind all of this is that the burning of selected plant matter does actually clear/transform any harmful bacteria and henceforth lift our spiritual frequencies around us. (Replacement Theory: Usher in more universal higher frequencies and the useless bad energies inevitably have no place to go except for away and out)


Worldwide it has been seriously studied that this type of medicinal smoke administered – physically enhances brain activity, lung function, skin, blood circulation, alertness… and so on.



Cultural Imperialism, Indigenous populations, various religions, tribal practices: regardless of what Smudging has become synonymous with in movies and wive’s tales, we must strive to scientifically associate ourselves with the ‘positive energy sciences’, and Smudge Science is Purely one of them.

Lucid Being