Team Universe And Do I Have Either?

(Part 1)

Our discussion and analysis of the current performance levels of a fictitious Team in a Legal Firm by the name of Abbott and Costello Legal, we identify methods to effectively evaluate the performance of team members, and the team as a whole.

Here is how the performance of Any Team Member can be improved, from within one’s own desire to improve: On the basis of performance levels of Teamwork at Abbott & Costello Legal, on a whole, morale is low. The situation has come to a crisis and the whole team and productivity is suffering. It has got to critical level and something must be done to turn things around quickly.

First of all we need to identify the type of team this is: From the information given it can be assumed that the type of Team at Abbott & Costello Legal is a ‘Functional Team’. This team is a specialty team within an organisation which deals in one legal area, this being ‘Commercial Conveyancing’, consisting of eight members. ‘Functional Teams’ are part of the traditional ‘Vertical Hierarchy’ which ideally has a Supervisor.

The head of this Vertical Hierarchy is John, a partner in the firm and possibly lately has been lacking clear observation of the bickering amongst his team possibly due to his own personal distractions in life, hence the lower than usual attendance level he has dropped down to.

John’s Team is structured as Supervisor and Subordinates with a clear chain of command – ideally. A department within the organisation. A small size team of eight members with a medium to high level of technical and interpersonal skills. Competition amongst the team along with gossip and the occasional angry outburst has curbed the enthusiasm negatively, most of all this needs John’s attention urgently…

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