The Eyeballs have it, How Entertainment, Marketing and Human Connection is All Effected by Left and Right Manipulation of the Eyeballs!

The neuroscience of the Eyeballs and how audiences are affected by such overlooked choices of movement.

When engaged in speaking to one or a thousand people, using stories, emotional or funny, we invite our audience to share in a journey, this journey clicks in and heightens by the choice of the left or the right. Body language science illustrates to us that humour to the left and emotional to the right for complete efficiency and a more sincere human connection.

How serious is all of this? Well it’s all about natural expectancy of the audience, and delivering on these; whether it’s conditioning of the audience or pre-conditioning that gets passed down through generations? Whether conditioning or reactionary, it is definitely a theory to keep in mind and try from time to time with a curious intent of being.

Animals such as birds and primates have a natural tendency to favour their left side of their visual field. Human infants as young as 7 months old tend to favour the left also, interestingly this is prior to any learning to read (from left to right) as this is the case in most countries. Just as our Eyeballs track words and numbers from left to right, so too we track human movement from left to right for conventional comfort.

Psychologically if we track movement (Unnaturally) from right to left we sense something amiss – just something deep down we can’t put a finger on.

When we feel naturally comfortable with this visual movement we let down our defences and connect more easily and sincerely (humour and expressional ease). We are in the comfort zone. On the other hand the opposite such as from right to left (contrary to our comfort zone), we experience and feel the unease – we raise our wall of defence.

These two polar opposites in emotion both have their own great benefits to be utilised when occasion and timing permit. Going further than pure public speaking, this neuroscience affects many more areas than we once thought: Websites, Business Cards, Youtube Clips, Stand Up Comedy, Tragedy, Seminars, Corporate Confrontations, Romantic Courting.

Lucid Being