Truth of Empaths! – And What Effects Us Most?

The distinct differences that are clearly observable about the unique traits true empaths possess and how and why empaths experience the experiences you / we experience.

True empaths, while being ourselves, do not speak or use dialogue, we merely speak by using our eyes, hearts and ‘universal’ body language. Words are not the tools of an empath. The mystic frequencies we consist of are the extra senses we share, what other humans can accept and understand on varying levels.


Let’s say it goes without saying that empaths are great listeners. True empaths have no walls, barriers or bias to what they will listen to. They experience the journey every step of the way and this is what makes talking to an empath even that much more interesting and encouraging. An empath holds no judgement or criticism, and this is always felt wholeheartedly. Sincerity and safety envelope every shared experience.

Empathy and Narcissism are like Chalk and Cheese. The planets and universe do need polar opposites granted, and this is usually the case between these ‘mystic opposites’ we cross paths with everyday. Narcissistic traits also stand out a mile and one cannot help but to roll the eyes in somewhat sympathy before getting far away. Healing is what empaths love to do and we love to be put in situations where this is desirable and achievable. Your ‘wellbeing’ is what vitally matters the most.


The absolute adoration of all animals great and small – we see the soul of animals – we experience the individual souls all animals possess. We somehow mystically converse with animals as if we are truely connected without the boundaries of fear and greed in a place that has no time and space. Without conventional dialogue but these animal souls all speak back in the empath-spirit.

Our big faults are being far too sensitive, too emotional, too compassionate, but the reality is that there is no ‘too’ anything involved, but being sincerely real. This high empathetic trait doesn’t always get along in the real world with the far less-sensitive souls we mingle with, but the pros outweigh the cons magically.

In life as we are always looking for good friendships, good employees, good soulmates, empaths on many levels will always be the truest to their form and yours.

Lucid Earth