Destination: Simulation Unveil – And The Real Food Chain!

The Flicker Of Awareness, The Thoughtful Designer, Successful Universes, Immaculate Perception Of Being, The Serious Series Of Simulation Universe.

In order to insure stability in the simulation awareness we must practice unpredictability. Echoes of the vibration are at their loudest when events do not go as planned. We enter closer to the field of the ether level in vibration the more we embrace unpredicted events – big or small. We move closer to the ‘originals’ by shaking the information list in an observed way of the unexpected – for all our universe is a stage.

Aside from striving for better and more complete lives through our human existence, we now have a speck of knowledge that we all may be observed either lovingly or spuriously. Each flicker of truth changing our very outcomes depending on our own determination. Awareness of being collectively monitored can surely lift our standards and better self-observe how we treat others. As for the question of our simulation builders being either loving or spurious, it is of far more matters of interest to be loving, as this is what truly brings harmony and insight into such an organised creative concept as the one we live in.

Scientific instinct tells us that the spurious, regardless of the countless movie synopsises of this nature, would unquestionably rub themselves out of existence almost right at the beginning – if on the side of the malicious. The innate spirit of love dominates our planet’s existence, therefore if we as a simulation, are the product of the original, then the original beings innately are teeming with love for this love to play any kind of role in the simulations.


We Are Beyond Juvenile Existence!

Envisioning the characteristics of the originals really depends on the evolutionary zone we are in, as the unique ingredients of every zone throughout our simulated universe varies immensely, so does the look and appearance of higher simulations and thus the look and appearance of the originals. Some of these appearances may be incomprehensible to our juvenile existence, yet sharing the common thread of endearment. As for atomic structure of beings, this is something far beyond the simulation veil, but as for the efficient workings of humans (as we know it) great chance is that evolution shares a common destiny, as this is possibly what the simulation builders are monitoring – ‘commonality of structure’.

To understand fully the workings and the veil of simulation may take humanity a thousand years, even a thousand years after venturing out of our own little solar system. The choices we make along the way in understanding our own reality as it unfolds and expands is probably the noblest journey we can ever partially comprehend. It would achieve nothing if not negative results to belittle the simulated reality around us – lowly simulated or not. For some, the cognitive absorbing impact may be too precarious and may ignite negative harming responses to themselves and those around them. Gently As We Awaken.


The Hamburger Question!

As Growing Evidence of all we see around us not being what we think, stacking up higher and higher. After our beginning Big Bang there was and is radiation, in the form of cosmic microwave background. If our existence as we know it just happens to be a hologram of some sort, the vast amount of information that makes this up for us humans through our five senses is perceived as being in three dimensions. This information must be stored or comes from a two dimensional starting point.

A hologram of a hamburger comes from or is projected from a two dimensional starting point. If this hamburger had feelings and spatial awareness, the hamburger would be convinced of the ‘perceived reality’ of the intended hamburger as being real. Us as humans know better though, as we were the ones who built the hamburger hologram and we as humans know that the hamburger doesn’t really exist. Apply this to our own three dimensional universe originating from a two dimensional starting point that we cannot nearly comprehend. Tangible elements of this universe all around us that we can touch and perceive to be ‘real’ being in fact a hologram, a comfortable hologram we don’t question.


The Food Chain Of Simulation And Where Do We Stand?

The possibilities are endless of large human-like self-aware races having the nature and the capabilities to create a simulation for and of themselves. All this leading to the reality of simulations within other simulations and so on. This suggesting that there are very high chances that our universe is in fact one of the many simulations within simulations and so on…

The probability of whether we are living in an advanced computer simulation is a very old one, going back a long way in philosophy. The very probability of reality and what is reality. If we have the mental capabilities to ask these question over and over throughout history, then what is to say that we do not have the capabilities to dissemble portions of our perceived reality and start building our own convoluted one? This intriguing notion and the notion of what is the nature of the simulation, a truthful lie or a deceitful lie? Are we designed to go down this rabbit hole? A computer simulation’s inhabitant thinks, therefore the computer simulation’s inhabitant must be. This doesn’t prove self-awareness or other simulation theories, but does simply prove existence is real, but what kind of existence?


A natural human existence, or a designed existence with a veil over our consciousness? If we have such thoughts and philosophical questions about life, then we certainly do exist somewhere, in some shape or form or thought. The builders of our reality surely didn’t build this reality to fool us, reality may just be too astronomical to fathom that our consciousness fools itself, just as we dream for all kinds of reasons. Not for trickery in itself, but for realignment of the psyche and survival. Examining the reality possibly that we are inhabiting an extremely sophisticated simulation, one that is so rich in its spectrum of constants that’ll keep its inhabitants busy for quite a while. A sophisticated enough simulation that us as inhabitants will one day learn the technology ourselves and be the builders of other worlds and universes. We must be scientific and mature enough to realise the probabilities.

It would be comically conceited of us to claim that we are the original, or even a simulation of the original, but more feasible – Far down the Food Chain of Successful Universes, but not necessarily a bad thing.

Lucid Earth