Hypnagogia, Daydreaming, Microsleeps! – And My Waking Reverie?

Half Asleep Or Half Awake! Short (Micro) Moments of shut-eye onset – this phenomena that has the propensity of taking over our wakefulness as we naturally drift in and out of sleep!

Daytime Parahypnagogia 

Usually due to a lack of sleep, repetition, meditation, interruptive diets or (intended / unintended) self-hypnosis / auto-suggestion. Daytime Parahypnagogia – Our Normal Waking Consciousness Being intruded upon by usually a Flash Image or Momentary Thoughts of the Bizarre. We may not remember the content of this experience, but nonetheless we remember the strangeness of the episode momentarily intruding upon our waking consciousness.


The Tetris Effect

Usually the echo of repetition of new activity we find hard to shake from the mind. We go through the normal stages of lowering into sleep, we become drowsy, we go through the ‘moving sensations’ hence the term ‘Tetris Effect’. Activities such as beach walking, cycling, water skiing, body surfing, computer gameplay, stomping grapes, all these activities and more add to our recurrence of the Tetris Effect.

These are all part and parcel with the ‘hypnagogic hallucination effect’, our transitions between our waking state and our sleeping state. The reverse of this wondrous process is called ‘Hypnopompic State’, the moments we experience as we are in waking from sleep. These states are the thresholds of our consciousness. Lucidity, Lucid Dreaming, Hallucinating and A State of Physical Paralysis all can be experienced in this conducive and suggestive state.


The Sound State

Hallucinations of the Auditory Kind or experiences that have a blend of sound or ones that are dominated by sound. A thud, a scream, white noise, a jet engine, a crash, jolting us to and fro, even hearing our own names being shouted out unexpectedly.

Hypnagogic Speech

The Inner Voice, snippets of sentences, comments or statements startlingly thrown about as we drift off. Poetry, song lyrics, film dialogue are all also possible ingredients of this wondrous of being.

Along with all these experiences and effects, the most common we all have had from time to time are ‘The Falling’ And ‘The Hypnic Jerk’.


Our Unconscious Mind And Soul We Explore

The Aspects of our Selves we come in contact with and the power of our exploration of ‘self’ is Hypnagogia. Possibly our higher calling, our ultimate potential, our soul wisdom or merely an evolutionary hangover we all contend with. Hypnagogia IS the rabbit hole concept that needs exploring. The potential of discovering further wholeness and reason for existence could be in the ‘passageway’ of our slumber.

Deep down in the subconscious mechanism we may access the forgotten, the ancestral wisdoms, the enlightenments, the genius – just waiting for us to come looking.

In The Trance We Observe!

Lucid Earth