Inside The Real Universe There Are Simulations, Inside These Simulations… More Simulations?

What is real and what is artificial? German researchers from the University of Bonn claim they have proof of this far out notion to be in fact something to be taken seriously.

Physical laws that have natural constraints have pointed these researchers in this very direction. This direction is the fact that simulations in this world do already exist, and the existence of these small (continuous) simulations, although in a mere three dimensional base, prove ‘simulation’ highly more likely than not. These constraints earthly experimental simulations are also astronomically held back due to ‘time’, more precisely ‘points in time’, and ‘directions in time’.


If sure enough a computer simulation is created in our own image, this world, galaxy and universe would be the natural scientific quest for any intelligent life form not too dissimilar from us to strive for. Our scientific community sure enough meet the criteria of magnitude and inquisitive intelligence to no doubt (philosophically) build such a computer simulation. All this of course granting our intelligent technology rises on par with many other elements that may or may not be in our control.

If this IS a simulation, and this simulation supports us so convincingly, the question remains as to why is everything we perceive so suspiciously perfect?

Lucid Earth