Psychic / Spiritual Mysticism Traversed!

Occultism, Religion, Rituals And Dark Indoctrinations is what usually come to mind of middle society when the word ‘Psychic’ or ‘Mysticism’ is mentioned. 

Two different sides of the coin are science and mysticism. Thanks to trinity religion throughout history, the term psychic has been strongly linked to occult, and the term occult has clearly been linked with darkness or satanism. Concealed or hidden is really what the word ‘occult’ refers to – uncovering what is not upfront, what is hidden from normal view, what is tucked away from our normal everyday perception.



Embracing the spiritual, uncovering what others do not know, seeing what is usually not seen, moving beyond the physical and into the Realm of Spiritual Mysticism or also known as The Spiritual Metaphysical. Mysticism comes with an enormous spectrum, this spectrum beginning with the basics of dreaming, lucid / prophetic dreaming, sensing other people’s feelings without words or expressions, receiving / sending thoughts / images, working with quantum energies we are all part of, or even purely just mystic wisdom, knowledge, or an ongoing mystic curiosity of the cosmos.

Lucid Earth