This Is Me! – Projected/Simulated Or Not!

Once upon a time only the Deep Thinking Philosophers asked the Important Questions. Now days it has become more commonplace for all to Observe and Query Reality!

Is it one big giant simulation built by some advanced race (ancient or futuristic) and should I even be concerned? Even a handful of new questions that arise have even put science itself into questioning mode. New questions that even debunk modern science. Is it real – do I want it to be real – what if it all isn’t real? More and more great minds of our modern time are now seriously entertaining the growing theory that it is a super computing program that we exist inside of.


A world, even a universe that is virtual. Is it a mistake to perceive all of this as real or is it commendable that we play the game for what it is? One can easily be understood for dismissing the ‘simulation theory’ as everything around us is just too ‘real’ to go against. Too many details to replicate the real around us for the ‘fake’ show to prevail. Good and bad experiences must all be real. Consider for moment the astronomical speedy progress of technology in only thirty years and what can be observed over the next thirty years and so on.

Moore’s Law suggests that the speed/power/capacity of computer systems doubles in approximately every two years. Just imagine, with our ‘limited simulated minds’, a ten year progress in computer systems even conservatively following Moore’s Law? – then double it – now look at a hundred years! We cannot comprehend even a minuscule of the progress following this law, and if we did, our minds would explode. We cannot fathom our future landscape. Even our mental landscapes of this future will be so completely foreign. Quite possibly even the languages we speak. Our conversations may all be code or even a faster again communicative device. The traditionalist love of language way of speak will be possibly kept for the love of speaking, (as vintage cars are kept). The super highway communication and thought  that waits for no one will have soured ahead.


Possibilities are growing of this universe being manufactured by races far beyond ours. We are the micro-organisms that had their start given to them in a lab – or at a dinner party. A laboratory of all dimension and matter. The actuality of such experiments are not too far out of our own human reach. What is artificial and what is real? An independent universe all of its own that would exist and thrive – given the right elements and timing. The artificial becomes the real – to our perceptions at least.

Taking this notion of the beginnings of our universe further again, we mustn’t ignore the next possibility, and this is a reality or actuality of being that transforms our beliefs once again. We are all of the simulated type of being (of some sort). An incredibly powerful, all-encompassing computer code. Our roles in this are merely existing as a type of code governed or set fourth by the program, not unlike the scenario of the characters in the original Tron Movie. At times questioning their own reality – their memories and dreams!


Back to our brain stimuli that only gives us the perception of realities, (we react predictably), following the billions of sub-programs that define us as real. If this scenario is the real one then in reality of human actuality, there is no fake – but only conceived good vibrations.

No breaking through a wall, but possibly re-defining oneself in other ways, hence our innate desire for Betterment and Beyond!

Lucid Earth