The Lives Of Others – And The Never Ending Vibe Of Empathy!

Ability or Tendency to Identify and Comprehend the Circumstances, Emotions and Lives Of Others!

It is the Pure Heart To Heart connection and awareness of other people’s experiences that penetrates far deeper than reason, equipping us with knowledge through our senses. These senses are not necessarily through the mind, but through our Empathic Connection our Souls Thrive For.

On the downside, occasionally empathy can and does require us to experience the excruciating pain or sorrow of others. For if we choose to ignore these feelings of others, we are only denying our own sense-experiences of Being Soul-Human. We also grant to ourselves the ability to feel all of the incredible ‘Highs’ along with feeling the incredible ‘Lows’. Ultimately we lift those around us by being receptive to the Good, Bad or Indifferent. Spiritual Integrity grows with our full acceptance and engagement, and this leads to true positive change in others – and ourselves!


Over time in our lives we have been inflicted with the harsh world, what it throws at us – hence we become protective of our ‘Selves’. We all need to actively keep building and re-building connections that have been broken or strained. These connections are all bridged through the most simple abilities we all have – and this is Empathy. A huge spectrum of levels we all experience on varying intensities every moment of our lives. The most toughened individuals (by the world) all experience empathy, whether in films, television, music, newspapers, even (good or bad) sport outcomes. These avenues serve as a reminder of our potential capabilities that ‘work’ even when we are not willing or aware.


We shift, adapt and grow our truest abilities of empathy and we discover the ‘magic of happiness’. Subsequently our hearts and souls open up and widen to complete love. This raises our energy frequency and becomes a gift that keeps on giving. The more we connect the more we grow – the more we open up to the many more soul-abilities we are all entitled to.

Imagination is the beginning of seeing, feeling and understanding. Imagination is far more than dialogue, as the act of imagining builds images, and images build inner and inter-connections. Our imagery builds empathy. Empathy IS the road to all of the other powerful soul abilities.   

Lucid Earth