The Number 28 – And How It Mystically Effects Us All!

Why the Symbolic Number 28 and it’s Life Path Effects Us, the Earth and the Earth’s Surroundings?

Strange coincidences for some and fundamental workings for others. Numerology, once and still is held by many as control by the occult through numbers. 28 is the symbolic number for Leadership, Independence and Diplomacy. 

28 is the second perfect number, the first Being 6.

Twenty-eight is a harmonic divisor number, a happy number, a triangular number, a hexagonal number, and a centered nonagonal number. The seven most widely recognised magic numbers are 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, and 126.


Inside the Great Pyramid, 28 miniature tombs are sculptered in the “wall of stone” of the Great Gallery. The Chinese have a zodiac of 28 animals. Number of days of the “emotional” cycle in the biorhythm. Age to which the man generally finishes his growth. Twenty eight heartbeats are necessary in order that a red globule traverses the whole circuit of the human body.

An individual’s association of the number 28 is both A Leader and An Effective Team Member.

The predominant meaning/essence of 28 is self-determination.


The planet Saturn revolves around the Sun in approximately 28 years. 

The menstrual cycle of the woman is approximately 28 days. In Jewish tradition there is a 28-year solar cycle in which the sun returns to its place in creation every 28 solar years. This is commemorated in April every 28 years with the recitation of Birkat Hachama, the blessing of the sun.

In Hebrew Gematria, koakh meaning “power”, “energy” is a word that corresponds to the number 28. The apparent rotation time of the surface of the Sun at its equator as viewed from Earth is about 28 days.

28 is Predominantly the Definition or Soul Essence of Self-Determination. These focused people, being self-sufficient in nature is primary, although holding their associates highly in mind with those that one is in close relationships with is of utmost importance. Soul Business Building – Essentially defined as an Explorer. Methods, Locations and Companionship. High Initiative of the Powerful. Independent Decision Making, although open to Ideas of the Many.


The Orbit the Moon does around the Earth Is Approximately 28 Days. Slightly less than 28 Days of Earth is A Lunar Day. An Australian Bird known as the “Twenty Eight” Parrot – Interestingly named for the sound it makes when it calls, and this sound strangely audibly resembles the word “28!”

Every 28 years, old calendars become ‘New Calendars’ once again. 2, 8, 10, 18, 28…The Fibonacci-like Sequence’s Keith Number… 28 is A Stormer Number. 28 also appears in the Padovan Sequence. 28 Convex Uniform Honeycombs.

‘The uncomfortable crowd always eases off the higher we go’.

Lucid Being