A.I. Singleton Rulership! – Futuristic Form Of New Government Or Humanity’s Last Invention?

A New World Order of a ‘Single’ Agency of decision-making of the highest level, to effectively eliminate any threats from outside and within, to carry out executive orders without question – and countless other abilities. This futuristic model of government is The Singleton Of The A.I.

A yet hypothetical AI Singleton would use many tactics to preserve order, such as: Mind Control, Environmental Wide Scale Threats to Humanity, Big Brother Monitoring, Selective Human Breeding, Genetic Manipulation among just a few…

Alongside all these possible dire images of a dark unfriendly future, a possibility of quite the opposite is an equal probability: Freedom of thought, expression, kindness. No more warring nations. Environmental Stability. Civil privacy, highest level free medical technology, food, housing, education, travel and so on…


These are some of the many roads (outcomes) an AI Singleton of the future could possibly table for our ever changing mental and physical landscape we call earth. With the potential of a far higher collective intelligence (on our side) this planet and many more have a colossal chance of the limitless.

The ways in which forming of such an ‘AI Singleton Rulership’ are many, a transcending upload, a unique moral code that gets passed on from one group to another, and natural evolution of current governments mixed with the inevitable Artificial Intelligence amidst it’s decision making hierarchy.

An AI Singleton may not purely be an agency that just thinks and works on its own. Whereas a liberal democratic government with many different ministries, all somewhat independently taking care of their own corners of responsible government. Highly influenced by public opinion. An AI Singleton may very well actually not even look like an AI Singleton. Instead, having an appearance of the average man and woman in high up (approachable) positions that we all admire, trust and relate to.


What effectively sets this futuristic Rulership apart from any other is the ability to ‘Solve Problems’ at the highest level. The ability to avoid catastrophic events is of second nature to such an entity. Having extreme foresight of the human condition as a whole.

A Huge Responsibility AND/OR Choice Is On Our Shoulders: The down consequences of such an inevitable revolution of the ‘AI’ will be that the domination on earth humans have had WILL come to an end. With great intelligence comes great power. If intelligence equals power, then power will not be ours for very much longer, we will have knowingly given up this power. Humans will consequently be answerable to this power. This will be a permanent change that ‘could’ be looked back on or not. A challenge the human race has never seen before.


The two world wars of last century were catylists in forming of The League of Nations and The United Nations. These organisations could be the ‘be all’ and the ‘end all’ of such an ‘AI’ uprising, depending on the views of the time. Resistance toward AI will relent as ‘sure and firm set earth’ and ‘common sense’ of the time rises to the occasion.

The AI Singleton could be just a stepping stone along the path to something far more incomprehensible, yet when it does arrive, and surely it will, we won’t know what we would have done without one, or will we?   

Lucid Being