Factory of Empathy – And The Eventful Film Chain Of Emotions!

A change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant is usually the Role of Empathy in The Fictional World Of Film. 

We all like voluntarily entering into the lives of fictional characters and follow their paths of progress or their fictional obstacles. We identify, we sympathise, we align ourselves with any traces of similarities with these ‘Characters in the Movie World’.

Movies are the Lucrative Factories of Empathy. The larger than life laughter, tears and aspirations are all willingly or unwillingly shared on so many different, personal and vicarious levels by the ‘investing viewer’. The Shawshank Redemption, Sofie’s Choice, Braveheart and Casablanca are just a trickle of these potential sources of emotions that linger in the bank accounts of our hearts. Whether it’s one character or many characters, one trait or many, the rabbit hole of understanding opens up and we fleetingly jump inside for a wander into the familiar or the unfamiliar any chance we get.


Empathy is split into two: Mimicry of emotions is what we do subconsciously and this somewhat becomes mental/physical. We automatically search the myriad of mental associations we have stored through life and then instantaneously we link our own most relevant experiences, (even someone else’s) to the experiences on the screen. The Chain Of Emotions Begin! The more adept the filmmaker, actor, cinematography, continuity, music, STORY,  the more powerful and the more unbroken will be the emotional journey.

Lucid Being