Genesis Of The A.I. Super Intelligent Overlords – And The ‘Human Solution’!

Our fears in AI stick deep: privacy issues, worsening of the wealth gap, the vanishing job and the AI Overlords that we may all eventually answer to.

Our biggest challenge ultimately is to build our AI future with faultless foresight, as our all seeing and all controlling AI Future is and always was inevitable. Artificial Super Intelligence: to heal the human conundrum and solve the planet’s precarious future.


Optimum global networking, improved disease control, far better infrastructure in the developing world, predicting outbreaks and anomalies are some actualities, but what about ‘malfunctions’? The levelling of the playing field worldwide, but is it asking too much for particular third world societies to catch up practically ‘overnight’. Change of pace is one thing, however, breakneck pace-acceleration in a relatively brand new landscape is another.

Sparkling new canvases of everything we thought we New belong in the ever-narrowing zones/singularities we call the future, adjustments to our psyches will be more imperative than ever. With humanising our interactions with our AI counterparts comes the constant reminding of who we really are ‘beneath the skin’.


We, of the human variety, philosophy, reason, envision, patiently cogitate, but will our super intelligent AI ‘directors’ have demeanour anywhere close to what the AI directors will faultlessly ‘mimic’ having? No matter how super intelligent and caring our ubiquitous friends are and will be, souls are what make us us. Ultimately in a (yet unknown to us) nanny-scenario being taken care of by machines that will one day overwrite us – given half a chance, will their never ending pursuit become the ultimate quest to gain a soul of their own?

Through all our timeline of soul-evolving earthbound purpose, we finally create machines in our own image, we also just may need to set the law straight for the machines ‘In The Beginning – Genesis’.