Only One Opponent To Immortality – And This Is Death! – Is This A Mind Upload I See On The Horizon?

How close are humans to the reality of uploading our brains and enjoying the benefits of Immortality, and is it truly our natural destiny – or never ending story?

There is only one opponent to immortality – and this is death! It goes without saying that up until this pie in the sky technology kicks in, death is a reality – death is inevitable. To beat this inevitability we must either shift our consciousness, or possibly conquer and prevent human cell breakdown. Whichever comes first IS the Holy Grail. Will this holy grail become a basic human right – a right to live forever?


First things first is the giant task of completely understanding the mysteries of the human brain for the ultimate or partial upload to take place. This achievement will free a human from the physical ‘ball and chain’ of the all too common collision course we are all on with breakdown of the cells.

The big questions beckon as the notion of immortality knocks. Over-population, indefinite health-care, legalities, affordability are just some of the pending issues facing a horizon of a million more questions stacking.

Character, personality, feelings, tastes, humour, intelligence, memories, phobias, habits, grudges, passions and love are all part and parcel of this transfer, whether it be into a new body or cradled into an artificial stationary unit, of course awaiting robotics to catch up. These are just some more elements and questions of a revolution our planet will undoubtedly see – (or endure).


Understanding our brains to a tee is still the biggest step in advancement in this frontier. Capturing thoughts, memories, ideas is key. Transferring a wave of consciousness we conjure millisecond after millisecond, like casting a fishing rod into the Deep Mysterious Mariana Trench and expecting a viable catch each throw. Just as this race for advancement in this field zeros in, thus is the conquering of a multitude of psychological and brain mysteries – still in the too hard basket. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Depression, and many more will surely be problems of the distant past.

Deep Mapping and monitoring on an ongoing basis is surely part of this milestone of discovery. Gathering of new information, recall of memories, conscious and unconscious thoughts that make up our deep mental world. Tapping deep into these workings is last century’s Everest Climb.


New questions arise: these being the question of a soul and if so, the influence of a soul on our thoughts. Can our mental worlds be copied into a computer-like device and still ‘think’ as we do but outside of our bodies? Is it even possible that ‘this thinking’ outside of our bodies can be even more clear than ever before, wave upon wave of productive and creative thinking unleashed away from the ball and chain? Is it inevitable that ‘ethics and governing’ of such technology will naturally have to be implemented to protect any vulnerability in individuals or even ‘targeted vulnerability’. These very real concerns are not unlike the premise of the film Inception, where information is extracted and stolen through a victim’s dreams. The Mind uploading concept could very well enable unscrupulous behaviour as to steal or ‘implant’ thoughts and ideas or ‘instructions’ into an unaware victim of the unthinkable.

Another scenario is the real possibility of duplicating our brains, minds, mental worlds as a safely net – fall back system. An insurance system in case an unexpected unthinkable occurs. An accident, a stroke, a sudden brain trauma of any kind that could put at risk our normal cogent process of thought and decision making. A backup of all memories in case of ‘fade’. This looming technology can even replace exotic unsafe travel to far off destinations, experiencing all the usual perception senses intake of a trip while safe in our own homes. Underwater and Space discovery and so on…


Ones and zeros of a computer system: is this what makes us who we are? Once removed from the physical, can we still form the same thoughts and memories or even laugh? Is it from then on just a survival form of existence similar to a lifeboat (limited navigation). A motionless and stagnant state with thoughts but no real awareness that make us – us. These varied scenarios may all come to fruition along the timeline path of the holy grail and yet all natural (organic) thought transferring or duplicating may just be around the corner – as we peer on.

Similar to an early computer that fills a room advancing so much as to presently fitting on one’s own wrist – all in a person’s lifetime. Miracles of human collaborative-thought and advancement knows no bounds but the imaginary!

Lucid Being