5F7F498A-4D6A-4F63-9341-23D28233868FOur Digital Identity VS Our Social Identity? – And The Ever Widening Paradigm!

Identifying oneself as a gamer has changed – and the more mature and responsible and even predominantly female sector have become the serious player.

In ways that a car driver is to a race-car driver – as a video game-player is to a ‘gamer.’ This way of comparing them takes the ‘gamer’ image up a notch. ‘How people identify as gamers is a different question from who counts as a gamer.’ It takes the individual to rate oneself as a gamer, as the individual has the self-appointed authority owing to their seriousness to label themselves through their digital identity as a ‘gamer,’ and if they don’t, their digital peers will.


The digital identity vs. the social identity regarding the world of the ‘gamer’ opens new doors never before Imagined. Strong positives and strong negatives. ‘Gamer identity exists in relation to, but is not determined by other identities like gender, race, or sexuality.’ In the social worlds’ we build: gender, race and sexuality a lot of the time and play the main roles in our social status, but in the digital world we build, we change, we enhance, we even invent whole new beings that don’t fall prey to the usual discriminations that the (physical) social world inflicts on us consciously or unconsciously.

This constitutive power enables the digital self to have more ability and more freedom than the traditional social self could ever have had before. ‘We become our pages of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram and anywhere else we announce our presence to an online audience’ This constitutive power spreads even more wider in digital areas such as ‘The World Of The Gamer’.


This Digital Self outreaches any power that the Social Self ever had, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and FaceTime. The Cyber Connections we are making more and more easily are staggering, especially for the ‘gamer’, to put their wits against a person in another country, a country theirgovernment may even be at war with.

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