Never Give Up On The Feedback – Writing to the Team! – Open Leader

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John, Trish, Tim, Jane, Tash.

Feedback, giving feedback, receiving feedback, using assertive response, acting assertively. Assertiveness – the middle ground between passiveness and aggressiveness. The Firm must get down to basics and build strong relationships with the main stakeholders: John, Trish, Tim, Jake and Jane. These stakeholders can be affected, can influence The Firm, these stakeholders are individuals in this organisation that come from within. Trish, Tim, Jake and Jane need to be managed as they can have a great influence over success, or failure, of the activities that The Firm is engaged in and this comes down to effective team management from John. We need to Communicate – (With Feedback) Meetings, Emails, Texts.


John – Partner

John is the Team Leader but has been out of the office for extended periods of time. John believes that Jake has the knowledge and the attitude to be promoted but realises also that this greatly upset the applecart greatly. John needs to take a good look in the mirror, fix up his own act and start communicating more effectively with his main stakeholders, this can be achieved by: keeping them all informed of structural decisions – everything out in the open, even encourage and act on the smallest inconsequential suggestion to prove he means business – no secrets. Encourage feedback from each and every team member – healthy two way channels of communication will promote further success and even essential bonding along the way. John definitely needs to set the example of passionate attendance because only then can he truly monitor team reactions, stay sharp and take advance of any potential opportunities that might come their way. The more John compliments his team for the right talents, skills and going that extra mile, the more of a productive feel good boost he will receive himself, let us begin by writing some appreciative letters / memos to his well deserving four main stakeholders:

We may have heard it said that the most beautiful on word in any language is our Name. The most beautiful two words are Thank You.

The deepest principle in human nature is the need to be appreciated. When you thank someone, like a friend who gave you a job lead or a hiring manager after an interview, for example: you help satisfy that person’s needs to be appreciated. Not only is it an ego boost for them, it can propel you faster toward employment too. And it all starts with two words:

Trish – Associate

Trish has taken over a great deal of the co-ordination but she has struggled with the role and at time can be quite indecisive. Problems can be due to a lack of awareness of what’s happening around her and this can only manifest with experience, this furthering of her experience could very well eliminate some of this indecisiveness which up until now has frustrated the other team members from time to time.



I want you to know you are an exceptional employee. Your calm, patient manner has been a great help to the firm when frustration was at an all-time high. Your knowledge of the software and your remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of a firm’s employees such as yourself it is an indication of future success, then Abbott & Costello has a very bright future.

Thanks and Kind Regards


Tim – Employee Solicitor

Tim is an extremely popular employee who is always willing to teach and develop others.

He generally raises the morale of the team when things get ‘too much’. Tim has been mentoring Jake ‘Informally’ which could explain why Jane has been so cold toward Jake and Tim. This workplace coldness has rudely surfaced and evidently leaving only logical solutions such as bringing out into the open this side mentoring which has side effects such as envy from Jane which also reflects poorly on Jane’s productivity.



I am writing to thank you for the mentoring you provide, and to especially thank you for being the glue that binds us. You do your homework well and you are more aware of our needs than any other I have seen. I appreciate the time you look to study samples of our work in advance so any of our teams’ comments were immediately applicable. We would welcome your instruction anytime. In relation to any uneasiness about your side mentoring Jake, I have everything under control.

Please accept my thanks to you.

Thanks and Kind Regards


Jake – Admin

Jake is very ambitious. He has only been at the firm for one year but has a strong desire to learn and has a fantastic attitude toward his job. He has been attending courses in his own time. Jake has been approaching John and Trish directly asking for more interesting and challenging tasks without going through Lee first. Why doesn’t he go through Lee first? Has there been a communication breakdown between himself and Lee? Maybe no respect or maybe simply No Trust. John being onboard far more will without a doubt raise his own approachability. Jake feels the need to be proactive if there is going to be any real chance of his career to progress, and he does not believe that he has done anything wrong. He certainly has done a lot right in getting to where he is in a short time, being the bright spark he is, he really needs to be educated from the top of the hierarchy. John, regarding steeping on toes and the win/lose principle as opposed to the win/win principle where all win and leaves a lasting legacy for others to see and to follow.


I wish to commend you as a valued up and coming team leader, for the way you handled our problem yesterday with finesse. You were courteous and friendly as you made half a dozen telephone calls on the firm’s behalf, not giving up until you had the missing client history files. Such professionalism is rare nowadays. You are an asset to this organisation and you are part of the reason I look forward to coming to work on a daily basis. Thank you.

Thanks and Kind Regards



Jane- Paralegal

Jane has been a paralegal for three years after being promoted from admin support. She is very competent in her role. Good friends with Lee. Jane supports and has been very cold toward Jake and Tim. Quite possibly Jane has been overlooked by the usual jovialness of Tims and feels left out of any side mentoring which could be brought out into the open in a feedback meeting with John. She needs to speak her mind and not harbour any feelings, taking into account what could be rather than what is or isn’t.

“Jane – as a paralegal, I commend your unwavering and excitable approach to every fine detail within your capacity. I am moved, for the prompt and courteous service you naturally gave us last week. You expertly determined our legal needs and produced a fair written estimate very promptly. Once you started the work you stayed on location until you had instilled confidence where it was most needed. You can be certain of the future that you help create with your wonderful vision that will never go unnoticed. Many thanks to you Jane”.

Thanks and Kind Regards


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