Secrecy and Other Pitfalls! – Open Leader

(Our Hypothetical Team Member Scenarios)

Secrecy – which can destroy trust amongst the team, Jake and Tim have been having conversations in Tim’s office with the door closed which is contrary to the normal ‘Door Open’ approach policy of the firm, this needs to be address immediately.

The world operates on trust. A day does not go by that we do not trust. Honesty guarantees that trust can operate within business. If business does not insiste on honesty, the business remains on guard at all times.

Three types of action John could take to facilitate and develop a more cohesive team.


Identify the problem, gaps and needs

Investigate and gather information – specific examples. What is the required standard of performance. Identify what is the actual standard of performance – determine the gap. Identify what developments the individual or team needs to be able to achieve the work unit objective (filling the gap). If jobs are likely to change, John needs to identify how jobs might change and begin preparation for this. As mentioned before a few of the well deserved needs will get met in the form of rewards. More information meetings to identify possibly problems and gaps within our amazing team.


Where does the greatest opportunity for performance improvement lie? The needs that have the closest link to outputs to be attended to first. Output (benefit) must at least match the investment (cost versus benefit). At least an hour a week should be invested by John to recognise where and how he can address any current or future needs the team experiences.


Explore Options

Such as select strategies to solve performance problem / development needs. Individually focused and related to building knowledge and / or skills probably involve training and developing on-the-job coaching or mentoring. Demonstration / Learning, Self paced materials – study guides etc. all of this workplace knowledge is at John’s fingertips, he just has to start looking. ‘Where the student is willing, the teacher appears’.

Let’s identify five key stakeholders associated with this team. Let’s describe how we can better liaise and communicate with these stakeholders.

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