We Vanquish The Gossip! – Open Leader

Let’s see if the ‘We’ are up for a Challenge…

Let’s put it to the US to see if we can go seven days without talking about another Person in a non-productive way… Period.

Sure enough in this ‘life team’ dynamic it will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to get past the first Hour without finding ourselves talking about someone who isn’t a part of the conversation. Realistically though, most of us intuitively realize that people who are gossips do not have an inner-world that is healthy and that is rich.


Do we get that if someone is in a workplace gossip, it is because they feel insecure/inadequate and/or have a low sense of selfworth and are desperate to find some way of feeling better about themselves? Contrast this with a person who shies from gossip. A person who is far too busy focusing on being the best they can, on making their personal dent on the universe.

Our select bits of gossip wisdom in Gossipmongers aren’t trusted. We’ve all caught ourselves wondering, as we walk away from gossipers: ‘I wonder what he/she says about me when I’m not around?’


So as interesting as it is to talk about others… Stop It!.. It doesn’t serve us or them.

(Inner or spoken ALL create like-frequency that serveth or destroyeth).

The extreme density of TAOISM for this TEAM is to strive ‘inner’ thoughts ‘in check’ until we can see a way to cogitate the manner of which they have done or said, in a shape that honours both… ‘THEM’ and our selves.

Lucid Being