Is Enlightenment Our Zen Prize – And What Really Is Enlightenment?

We all deep down expect something grand in the way of enlightenment – and rightly so. For Zen IS the path to enlightenment, and YES enlightenment IS the universal outcome of Zen.

Firstly we should comprehend the real concept of enlightenment. Enlightenment is Real Perception – The Here And Now! No bells and whistles we are conditioned for by varying expectations we adapt from modern media. By bells and whistles though, we are in a unique position that grants us far more than we just may have imagined possible in our entire lifetimes! 


Clarity – Experiencing this universe for how it really is. No need for hope, no room for fear. Enlightenment is not about possessions or dialogue. It is free from love or hate. Absent from idealism. Separate from comparisons. Elsewhere from time.

Zen Enlightenment is Akin to Polishing The Looking Glass. A looking glass that has become so grimy and ‘almost’ impossible to see out of. Clearing our view – cleaning the glass bit by bit. We chip away at what obstructs our clarity in vision. The more we practice zen the more we see. Ultimately our incentive is Limitless! All this happens in stages, even when unexpected we experience another jolt of clarity we didn’t expect.

Don’t force enlightenment. Enlightenment happens without expectation – without pursuit.

Lucid Being