Crippling Indecision! – In The Face Of The Easiest Of Choices?

Aboulomania, a rare and random condition that shows itself with the onset of ‘crippling indecision’ when faced with otherwise everyday easy decisions. Hard to spot and hard to predict, as sufferers of this condition exhibit no other abnormalities either physically or mentally.

Very basic choices, (at least basic to the rest of us) become excruciatingly difficult and paralysing to normal function in the face of deep procrastination. An indecision in simply deciding whether to have salad or veggies. Whether while going to sleep, to leave the bedroom light on or off. Do I leave the house and get some fresh air, or do I not? These all too basic questions can and will ruin the whole day.


The irony is the fact that with the odd onset of this condition, self-knowledge of one’s own otherwise perfect health (mentally/physically) is painfully obvious. Whereas making it even more of a dilemma, and sadly harder to pinpoint Aboulomania.

Lucid Being