Lost In Transition? – Spirits To Ghosts And The Endless Sightings We Still Question!

Consensus of Probability in Sightings cover all cultures and ages worldwide. The independence of these cultures prove the existence somewhat, sightings and corroboration of the ‘numerous’ only illustrate the sincerity of existence even more so again.

Apparitions of familiar loved ones moments before, during, after passing, with no common knowledge of impending danger or bad health – this is ‘trauma apparition’. Significant distance is quite common. Distance and time is of the irrelevant. Nonetheless, this distance becomes the more so collaborative in the real probabilities of the existence of apparitions.


The shadows of our remnant energies, (apparitions), that outlive the physical and manifests as the ‘image echo’, apparently left behind, but sometimes can be witnessed concurrently – as a bilocation occurrence. Whether it’s this energy of ‘will’ or character of spirit that can shine these happenings brighter so, is an independent equation, for the existence is the distinction. The level of the clarity in form depends on the recipients of the apparition’s receptiveness and/or the energy of the apparition itself, or both. Be that as it may – this energy survives!

Taking apparitions even further is the chilling exhibits that are shared or witnessed such as: Occurrences of Touch, Sound, Smell of these ‘shadow beings’ left behind. These human sense factors of presence tell us that there IS far more than mere apparitions (left over energies). Conditions varying, the spectrum of strength and clarity may swing one moment to the next.


Dreams, delusions, hallucinations, hoaxes or wishful glimpses of the fantastical throughout time for many cannot be taken out of the equation, but when more than one has experienced or witnessed the same apparition/visitation completely independently, then multiple truths arise. All activity of the paranormal or supernatural can be simplified and assumptions worked in and about the same way.

Plausibility that spirits are ghosts and ghosts are spirits of humans passed is the question, consistency just may be the only evidence we get, considering the many more possible dimensions there are, over and beyond our well accepted three dimensions plus time, some ghosts just may find themselves ‘Lost In Transition’. 

Lucid Being