Our Spirit Animal In A New Light – We Transform, They Transform!

The landscapes of our relationships, our recognition of life, the guidance we seek – often times we can thank our Spirit Animal! Our understanding of our ever-present Spirit Animal connection through inspiration and strength is the real empowering link that goes with the spirit animal territory.

First we need to comprehend the symbolic nature – and listen. The Shamans say it all comes down to ‘Spiritual Attention’. We look within and we discover the guides within. Meditation and dreams are the further vehicles of our connections we develop in our quietened minds.


We open our hearts to the encounters we notice more and more. Noticing any changes or differences we haven’t noticed before. Calmness and humbleness can open the spirit door to see or feel our Spirit Animal before us. In Attentiveness we hand ourselves over and loosen the ego and fog from the equation for eternity.

Our subconscious is the meditative device that shows us the inner Spirit Animal or even the Physical Spirit Animal On our inspired paths we choose – or are chosen for. The most relaxed we find of ourselves is the meditative or dream state we further the path.


The complexities of our lives and emotions we take note of our dreams and visions. The Animal clues and occurrences we deepen our understanding of our emotional linkings with the spirit world. The magic of the relaxed state is the real connections we create while here as opposed to our rushed waking hours where it’s difficult to comprehend the spiritual links.

Focusing our emotions higher and higher has limitless other benefits on the psychic spectrum such as ‘empathy’ and many others. Our inner-true selves reveal to us and others the more we awaken to the journey.   

Lucid Being