Who Are The New Conscious Observers?

If everything is measured and explained with mathematics, then the pieces that make us up are the answers, like a computer game – life as we know it are the pixels. Our behaviours are all broken up into blocks, the tiniest measurable pieces of matter and time are finite. Are we observable from outside our own observable reality? Is there intervention from outside?

‘Actual original realities’, if they still exist – hence the expiry dates of humans, planets, stars and universes, as far more sophisticated, complex, dimensional, than what we could ever conceive. If all this were true, would there be a way to break out of the simulation? Is the boundary the outer limits of our universe, the edge of our solar system, or in our minds among us – dimensional. Concurrent realities of the physical and time  existing in the same place all at once?


Just as with new belief systems we acquire, new belief systems on top of these belief systems become easier to fathom, upon a newer base structure of reasoning – hence ‘Copernican Heliocentrism’. Once humanity could see the solar system through the eyes of Copernicus as Earth NOT being the centre of everything, other cosmic thought and knowledge fell into place far easier. Previous to this breakthrough of Copernicus, it was completely understandable for humanity to believe WE were the centre of the universe, and why shouldn’t we (humanity’s ego) have believed that?

Further breakthroughs without denting our egos too much and we just may be a component in a much larger scheme of things. As the evolutionary theory of molecules evolving from volcanic lava through to finally self-aware intelligent humans discovering the cosmos and questioning our own reality. An evolution of being that no doubt borrowed from the odd piece of luck thrown in, and this dismally narrows the chances of other intelligent life in the cosmos (that evolved like us that is). 


Taking ‘cosmic luck’ out of the equation and we have ‘superior intervention’. Putting a real label on this Superior Intervention will be the ‘new’ big breakthrough. As video games/simulations improve over the next two decades so too will our own expectations of a video-world created. Progress in these Simulated worlds will inevitably become more rich than the world we see and feel around us. More meaning, reason, contentment, love in life shared by the human players and observers. 

Is it any mystery where and what our own next move will be on the Video Game Of New Observation?

Lucid Being