New World Order Of The New Illuminati And The Earth Conspiracy! – Or Our First Go To Instinct?

Whether  it’s controlling world affairs through conspiring and masterminding, the lurking in the shadows of the Illuminati have been linked with big corporation and big government to maintain or to achieve their ultimate ulterior motives – (Covert) New World Order, Or More?

The Illuminati have been linked with Conspiracy, (whether to be proven true or not), from: Ancient Greece, The Trojan War, Leonardo da Vinci, The French Revolution, The Great Depression, AIDS, Presley, Lennon, JFK, Apollo 11, 9/11, Trump, Beyoncé, Reptilians, Inner Earth, Holoverse… Although the term Conspiracy Theory has only been around since 1909, history going way back has and always will be packed with whopping good never ending conspiracies linked to ‘The Illuminati’.


For thousands of years ‘the gods’ have been inexplicably aligned with the otherwise unexplained, until more recent historical events the world has pointed it’s obligatory finger at ‘The Illuminati And The New World Order’ – and this plot only thickens.

Whichever way we look at Conspiracy – The Illuminati are often Central, to the theorists at least. But first we need to eliminate the possibility that The Illuminati itself is merely a Conspiracy Theory in itself – deflected ownership away from the True Culprits. Designed and built by something much larger, much more nefarious and near impossible to pinpoint machinations and motive.

‘Illuminati’, which comes from the word ‘Enlightened’, whether fictitious or real enlightenment – founded in 1776. A Secret Society of And for Pure Enlightenment. Designed as a somewhat Balance of Power. A secret governing force of all governors of power to eliminate the possible misuse of authority against the people. To an extent, stamping out religious state influence, superstition and obscurantism that only acts as to stall further human enquiry and reasoning.


The Enlightened Illuminati, through it’s operating history attracts the like-minded, awakened and resilient to the mass control of church, government and large corporations, but the conundrum is WHO or WHAT becomes the central controlling authorities in those of the ‘Awakened’? Who made who, and who is in control of whose ‘Perceived’ Real Ideologies?

Many current world organisations claim to be ‘Real Illuminati’, using various titles, however, such groups still don’t possess the power or influence over ‘real’ government affairs as they proclaim to wield. These organisations ‘paradoxically’ by boasting what they stand for, sure enough are not the real descendants of ‘Illuminati’ – as by boasting of their very existence goes against everything the Real Illuminati stood for and stands for and still stands for today.

Nevertheless, if even loosely adhered to are the spirit and ideologies of true enlightenment, then any resemblance of truth and awakening in our current day and age is a pure welcome stranger – IS Illuminati!

Lucid Being