To Read Others Is To Read Ourselves! – But In What Order?

Our Tainted Logic Of The Mirror And Our Looking Glass.

So what are the signals we look for and listen for? We all react and respond to conversations and these conversations have what’s called nonverbal personality language of behaviours. We navigate the spectrum and we pinpoint the place where these people in our lives are and want to be. 

“All the things that I wish I could say but hold back” – is this the stuff of the direct conversation as opposed to thwarted verbal that has no direct truthful path – does this feel familiar?


We peer through the looking glass and into the mirror; we recognise these varying qualities of our own, coming away with a far closer and in depth connection with the human state. Every person we come in contact with has a story to tell, even though this isn’t what they are saying – Or ‘WE’ are saying.

But what do we look for in ourselves?

The Relatable Relator Style: We need people close by in all our endeavours and this leads to a need for belonging, this belonging grows both ways, hence building relationships very fast. We sometimes completely ignore our own thoughts and feelings by saying exactly what the other wants to hear, this is to keep the cycle of the belonging strong, at times at the cost of truth and consequently – our own identity.

Being a Relatable Relator isn’t necessarily a bad thing in as much as operating in the ‘present’, although when we peer into the future of these relationships, many do not stand the test of time. Time itself inevitably casts new styles of personalities that have the unraveling desire to unmask the tendencies for the odd falsities that only grow upon themselves in time. 

Two steps forward, One step back – Collateral along the path.


The more we truthfully peer back at ourselves in the mirror, the more the epiphanies of self truths remain intact. The Relatable Relators CAN grow and perfect if only we take two steps forward directly into the mirror and look infinitely closer. Hold the pose – Build the nonverbal conversation inside ourselves until we perfect what we ‘ourselves’ like looking back at US, and the rest of this Relatable World.

Lucid Being