We Shield Ourselves From The Energies That Deplete? – We Reach Empath Paragon!

The draining emotions we all experience, receive and even at times dish out – we all need a survival plan, as to not become ‘empathic collateral’. Rightfully we build an ‘empathic shield’ to fend off the unnecessary incoming. This unseen shield of protection keeps the clear and becomes the survival tool – and even our ‘psychic’ paragon!

First we define the difference in being an Empath, and having/showing Empathy. Having/showing empathy is pretty much what it is and can be dulled or heightened when the circumstance suits. Being an Empath on the other hand is an ability (conscious or unconscious) of absorbing, sharing, experiencing others’ feelings first hand. 


With or without Empathic defences, the path can be a roller coaster ride of sensitivity. Our walls are down hence we physically hear the emotions of others – even when we are not in the same vicinity. This proximity(less) empathic existence can be the most disconcerting to even most seasoned of the empaths.

The bumps in the road of unrecognisable (self)emotions are so easily misconstrued as the (our)problems as we attempt to negotiate the (in reality)emotions – good or bad of others. In other words – our symptoms of the odd anxiety and even the odd skirmish with depression could in fact be merely empathic anxiety and empathic depression. Consequently, the further we go through life without ever recognising this, the more we can sadly sink into the psychological spectrum of the (energy)shrapnel that we could have shielded ourselves from having the hindsight of awareness.


Emotions, although, not physical, become the (neurological)physical as we open ourselves more and more – even unknowingly! The shields we build, we can then concentrate ourselves onto the far more productive and awakening existences that go with Being the Empaths we Are.  

Lucid Being