Conspiracy Theory! – Will The World Be A Better Place Without The Use Of The Term Or Is ‘Conspiracy’ Here To Stay?

Conspiracy Theories somehow always cop a bad air about them and whenever the term ‘Conspiracy’ is used – falsity, irrationality or even madness is also loosely implied.

The Reality of the matter is that everyone ‘Conspires’ to some extent. Legally or Morally, we all bend the truth ever so occasionally. Human Behaviour is historically without complete innocence of conspiracy of some sort. Politics is and has all too well known as rife with conspiracy. The Influential Powerful, Media, Government and Wartime Spies among the biggest conspirators – manipulating the truth for their end game is all in a day’s work.


Being aware that throughout history there has been ongoing conspiring should actually enlighten, and if people conspire, then it shouldn’t be too much of a hard stretch to accept ‘Conspiracy theory’ (whether true or not) as an everyday occurrence. This being accepted, should only make Conspiracy Theorists more accepted and not readily labeled as mad – but necessary ‘madness of beings’ as such.

Often throughout history numerous old conspiracy theories humanity has balked at, have now been widely accepted as fact. Behaviour Modification: experiments by the United States Central Intelligence secretly using LSD among other drugs on volunteers, and later on non-suspecting non-volunteers. This was for many years widely brushed off as mere conspiracy until of course ‘Truth’ surfaced. This spurious experimentation also sadly left many with permanent brain damage. MK-ULTRA was the codename for this top secret program.

(Mad Conspiracy Theory Later Confirmed To Be True).


John Lennon wasn’t very much liked or trusted by the U.S. Government owing to his extremely influential anti-war songs and stance. The mad conspiracy theory of the time was that Lennon was being spied upon by the FBI. Although Truth be told – Nixon sure enough had Lennon under FBI Surveillance in fear of Lennon being a real threat to peace.

(Mad Conspiracy Theory Later Confirmed To Be True).


Galileo Galilei…?

Nicolaus Copernicus…?

Hollow Earth…?


The Illuminati…?

Truth is that just like many other theories as in science, psychology, environmental, fake news, simulated/parallel universes, Hitler on the moon and the ‘me too’ movement allegations – sometimes these are true, sometimes not. Reality is the term Conspiracy Theory achieves a wider definition of meaning the more attention one gets – or not.


Just as Gaslighting has been a powerful tool to disempower the Mad Conspiracy Theorist and manipulate US away from truth, an openness of mind can reveal far more beneath the surface than curbing theories ever will.