The Science and Philosophy To Consciousness! I Exist And I Think? – Or The Other Way Around?  

Will true consciousness ever be fully understood – and what really is the criteria or definition of consciousness?

Our memories are usually perceived as being fleeting glimpses, and usually one memory at a time. Memories crossing over other memories, thought and projection of thought. Consistency is consciousness, immediate thought and memory-building guided by the Executive Of Mind. A spotlight hovering around the interior of our mind – highlighting areas and criss-crossing these projections with other working areas of the brain to form new projections and new existential conclusions. Thus cross-pollinating as we advance.


Consciousness Maintenance and Memory Maintenance: the conscious act of revisiting and re-shining the spotlight to reinforce the neurological connections we create from moment to moment. These areas that are subsequently lit up by the spotlight are our isolated existential reality. Areas that are not lit up by the mind-spotlight remain in the dark/oblivion. This darkness only losing its darkness as light enters the room – (so to speak). This gateway or tunnel of light is the connecting we all do while true consciousness does what it does best – eternal networking.

The phenomena of our physical experience and our mental experience is really a question of what is subjective to our cognitive experience. Do we suddenly become conscious when we wake from sleep, or does our consciousness never cease?


René Descartes’ famous observation – “I Think, Therefore I Am”. From a pure scientific point of view – purely existing enables us to think. From a pure philosophical point of view – purely thinking, then we exist. Is there a way for both disciplines of thought to shine the metaphorical torchlight and reach our eternally sort after ultimate consciousness?

Onward Eternal Consciousness! Into the light we travel. Speed and Complexity we embrace to our ever-widening existentialism – this ushers in The Higher Consciousness. This torchlight of directed consciousness, flashing thy thought to thought, reasoning that is so extremely unique, even to one another as humans. This uniqueness and impossible complexity is what give us as humans –  exclusivity and ownership of the human form that makes Us … Us!