Do We Exist In A Dream, Could We Or Should We One Day Break Out? – Illusion Universe!

HoloVerse or SimulVerse, No longer a strange, bizarre or quasi theory as many a scientific mind of the respected are leading this way in thought – or theory. The discoveries of the scientific – many have their beginnings as mere theory, and usually crazy and far out sounding in their early days as a world that’s round.

Is there really such a thing as a Universe? Is it virtual reality so far advanced there is no way of telling the difference? Evidence of our past theories proven show us hope that at least one way or the other before too long WILL definitely be proven once and for all.


Do we exist inside a dream? Do we exist inside someone else’s dream? What if we were to break out of whatever illusion we are in – would we cease to exist, on the level of existing we currently know, or is there so much more?

These illusion theories go way back in history to the Ancient Indian Philosophers through to modern quantum scientists working equally from philosophical standpoints to support the science of tomorrow. This is the never ending question of the conscious mind and really how conscious is true consciousness – or is ignorance bliss?

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