The Splendid Machine With A Ghost Within – Living In The Abstract!

Outside the realm of physical reality is the realm of non-physical reality – this being is spirit, ghost, apparition, psyche, the mind… These beings that are not existing on the physical realm but surely in space and time. Not of the concrete, but of the abstract. These two existences need to be separated for further fathoming of the opposites.


The minds we have – and yet untapped: The Splendid Machine with a Ghost Within or The Intricate Mind with an Organism that trails from behind. It is of no wonder that gods, angels, demons of the abstract all exist, if not for ‘inner’ appearance and our ultimate ‘inner’ battle of the dualism, but for further maintaining of our psyche and humility of thinking everything and knowing nothing!

Maybe also to get back… Theoretically or Practically, and either way – Is The Kettle Boiling?

Lucid Being


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